Clear air turbulence or CAT for short is an aviation phenomenon that can suddenly occur in cloudless areas, causing a buffeting effect on aircraft. It can happen in the absence of any visual clues like clouds and is most prevalent during the winter months of the year, particularly when flyingContinue Reading

In this video I describe the advantages of becoming a Software Programmer and the salaries, training, languages, and opportunities there are for new and experienced software programmers in 2020. Online Training Java: C: C++: C#: Python: Software Programmer Salary 2020, Training, Languages, Opportunities The programmingContinue Reading

vibrational frequency

In this post I list 7 ways to affect your vibrational frequency, and how, by using them, the Law of Attraction can work. If you would rather watch and listen to the video format of this post, please scroll to the foot of this page. First, a few words aboutContinue Reading