6 best restaurants in Barbados

6 Best Restaurants in Barbados that you have to visit

6 Best Restaurants in Barbados

Barbados is a wonderful island that is ideal for holidays of all types.  If you’re planning a visit then you are probably wondering where to eat and there’s no shortage of choice.  With that in mind here is my choice of the 6 best restaurants in Barbados.

Obviously tastes will vary and you’ll probably make up your own list if you visit the island often enough.  Restaurants close and new ones open, so you might be lucky to find somewhere new to add to your list.

Most restaurants and hotels are on the west and south coasts.  The north of the island is sparsely populated and the east also, but no visit to Barbados would be complete without a visit to Bathseba and other locations on the eastern coast.

The west has the calmer waters and more of the luxurious hotels, while the southern beaches are better for kite surfing and the accommodation suits a wider range of budgets.

6 Best Restaurants in Barbados

  • The Fish Pot is the restaurant in the Little Good Harbour hotel located further up the west coast beyond Speightstown.  It’s beautiful in the evening but try in for lunch and you’ll enjoy the sea views.
  • The Lone Star overlooking Alleynes Bay on the west coast is a converted garage and you’ll notice the theme runs throughout the restaurant with the waiting staff in white mechanics’ overalls.  It’s both restaurant and hotel and has a great atmosphere and seaside dining.
  • Tides in Holetown never disappoints.  Consistent quality of food and wine.  Enjoy a pre dinner cocktail in the bar.
  • Try the Sunday buffet at the Sandy Lane Hotel just south of Holetown.  It’s not cheap and you’ll need to have a light breakfast.  Treat yourself and your loved ones to a little luxury.
  • Waterfront restaurant in Bridgetown.  As the name suggests this restaurant overlooks the fishing boats moored in Bridgetown harbour.  Go on a Thursday evening for the live jazz.
  • On a budget?  Try Just Grillin’ – there are at least two outlets on the island.  Eat in or take away. They do really good ribs, flying fish, chicken, and sides.

Still on a budget, how about the Roti Den (corner of Holders Hill and Highway 1, opposite the Tamarind Hotel).  Delicious rotis with a variety of fillings – and they do fill you up!

These are just a few suggestions to get you started and which will almost certainly provide you with a very memorable meal.  There are dozens of other places to try.

There is something about Barbados that draws you back again and again.  It’s hard to pin down, but some have suggested it’s the people, the parishes, and the sense that it’s a home from home in the Caribbean to British folk in particular.



Retail Arbitrage UK – Buying Low and Selling High

Retail Arbitrage UK

The process of buying low and selling high dates back into ancient history.  It’s as old as human civilisation itself.  Merchandising and trade are one of life’s constants and the only things that change are the products and the tools.  However, retail arbitrage is something relatively new and its existence is due to the technology and innovation that can be found in the online world.

In the world of retail arbitrage UK sellers have a smaller market that their US counterparts, but they should not think that they are the poorer cousins for it.  Amazon’s reach is long and stock sent to UK fulfillment centres can be sold in Germany, Spain, Portugal, and elsewhere in Europe.

The UK is a smaller but different market.  Developing expertise in this arena will equip Amazon sellers with the experience that will help hugely if and when they decide to branch out into the USA.

What is Retail Arbitrage?

Simply put, retail arbitrage is the process of buying products from retailers and selling them yourself as a retailer at a higher price (e.g. on Amazon).

This is made possible by the fact that some retailers have excess stock they want to clear to make way for other products.  It could also be due to the fact that the product sells so well on Amazon that the price has not been reduced due to the demand.

There may be other reasons, but the point is you can buy things from online shops, ship them to Amazon, and sell them at a profit, even after you’ve deducted the Amazon fees and shipping costs.

This provides an opportunity for Amazon sellers and merchants, but the tricky bit is finding the products.  Not only that, you need to find them and buy them when they are in stock and before the price difference closes.

Profit Sourcery for Retail Arbitrage

Profit Sourcery is a tool that does all the hard work for you.  It is a browser based product research tool available on a three tiered subscription.

(I’ve written two other posts about it: Profit Sourcery Tips and Amazon Shipment Warnings.)

The tool collects all the data (freely provided by Amazon) relating to products, prices, seller rank, size, weight and much more  It then analyses all this and presents the results on your own dashboard.

Each subscriber sees a unique set of products on his or her dashboard each day so you’re not competing with other Profit Sourcery subscribers.

Subscriptions are paid monthly.  You can cancel or upgrade in your dashboard. There are no long term contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Using the online training provided by the Profit Sourcery team, and by reference to their extensive supporting documentation, you can quickly learn how to interpret the data and make good buying decisions.

If you get stuck, have any questions, or just want to give some feedback, you can send messages to the team through your dashboard.  I can tell you from personal experience that they are usually quick to respond.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll see how your profits can be reinvested to buy ever increasing amounts of stock.  The online business grows according to the pace and scale you choose.

However, my guess is that the people at Profit Sourcery will eventually limit the number of subscribers.  There is mention of this in the video interview below with Ed Brooks (Profit Sourcery founder), so if you haven’t tried it yet I suggest you do so soon.

Sign up now for a free 7 day trial.