How to make internet marketing videos that create leads

How to make internet marketing videos that create leads

internet marketing videosI’ve found out how to make internet marketing videos that look professional and that are ideal for capturing leads or promoting a brand. I can now offer it as a service to my clients.

Internet marketing can be difficult. It saps your time and your money, usually both.

Cyberspace is awash with SEO ‘experts’ who are ready to take your cash in return for promises of quick results.

After several months of paying their invoices you find that your site’s ranking has not improved enough to generate a decent return on your investment.

However, one thing that most experts agree upon is that video marketing is booming.

People search on YouTube for all kinds of solutions, products, and services. Many now go straight to YouTube for a video first and maybe check out websites on Google later.

A good video that’s properly configured for your target audience can help you gain those precious leads much faster than the article it is based upon.

How to make internet marketing videos

So here’s another service I can offer: turning your blog posts or articles into Youtube videos.

Example 1
Here’s a sample I made using a voiceover artist who read the script for me. I can hire UK or US speaking male/female voiceover artists:

Example 2
Here’s one I made by recording my own narration.

How to use my marketing video service

  1. You send me the link to your blog post/article or simply send me a copy
  2. You specify what sort of voiceover you want:
    (A) You record it and send me an mp3 file of the recording
    (B) I record myself
    (C) I arrange to outsource to a voiceover artist (you specify M/F, accent etc)
  3. I turn that into a slideshow/video
  4. I add appropriate stock images or any that you supply
  5. I share a draft copy of the video for you to review and approve
  6. You specify any changes and I make those amendments
  7. The final version is put online:
    (A) I send you the final copy and you upload it to your own account
    (B) I upload it to your YouTube account and do all the SEO tweaks for you


The price depend on the options, number of words in the article etc, but here are some guide prices:

  • A basic five minute video for which you supply the narration, starting at £45
  • A basic five minute video for the narration is outsourced, starting at £85
  • A basic five minute video for the narration is outsourced and I upload and SEO tweak the video, starting at £99

All prices are excluding VAT. I can offer you discounts for bulk orders. Contact me for further details and a no-obligation chat about your ideas.

Other Options

Alternatively, learn how to do this for yourself and make as many videos as you want each month by clicking the banner below and signing up.  The team behind Content Samurai are excellent.  They produce clear and concise training videos and provide quick support. There’s also and active Facebook user group for subscribers.

How to make internet marketing videosCrank Out Traffic-Pumping Videos On-Demand!

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iCloud Calendar

How to stop iCloud Calendar Spam

Do you wonder what goes through the minds of spammers?  No, me neither. All I was interested in earlier this week was how to stop iCloud Calendar spam.

The latest hooks to arrive unwanted on my mobile devices are multiple invites in my calendar for fake RayBan sunglasses.   They contain a mixture of Chinese and English characters and the purpose is obvious – click on these links and buy something.

These arrived a few weeks after my mobile phone had received over 80 spam text messages from China in the space of about 15 minutes one Sunday morning.  A couple of days later I was surprised to receive a call from my mobile provider to assure me that any charges incurred would be refunded.

However, I had to check my next bill and remind them of that fact as the refund didn’t occur automatically, but they didn’t quibble and the refund was immediate.

Anyway, back to the iCloud calendar spam.  Whatever you do, don’t respond to the invite in your calendar in any way.  This is the equivalent of clicking on the links in spam emails and simply acknowledges to the spammer that your account is active.  It will only encourage more spam.

How to delete any spam already in your calendar

  • Tap Calendars in the bottom menu bar
  • In the pop-up that appears, tap Edit, top left
  • Now tap Add Calendar
  • Give your new Calendar a name e.g. Spam
  • Tap Done x 3 to back out of the settings area
  • Now select the spam event in your calendar and move it to the new calendar
  • The events will probably be linked so you won’t have to move each one individually.
  • Move all sequences to the new calendar
  • Now go back into the settings and delete that new calendar

Shut off In-app Notifications in iCloud Calendar

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the Calendar icon
  • Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click on Preferences in the pop-up
  • Click on the Advance tab
  • By default, in the Invitations section, you should see the In-app Notifications selected
  • Select the email option instead
  • Save and close

Now, any event notifications should arrive by email. Your email spam filter should be able to remove these before they even reach you.

Got any additional tips or comments on the above?  Please share them below.