Aircraft Engineer Salary – Salaries for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

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There are opportunities globally for the transportable skills of an aircraft engineer or technician in a bouyant aviation industry.

Aircraft Engineer Salary – Salaries for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

In this video I talk about the salaries that aircraft engineers can expect in various countries around the globe.

I’ll describe the salary range you can expect from junior to senior engineer in the countries where jobs are plentiful.

Then I’ll conclude this video with a few tips on how to get started on your career.

Aircraft or aerospace engineers are essential to the aviation and aerospace industries.

Every aircraft that flies, whether it’s a flying club’s Cessna 152, a private jet, an Airbus A380, or a F-35 Lightning requires aircraft engineers to keep it flying.

All aircraft, large or small, simple or complex, require qualified engineers who carry out the mandatory checks and maintenance on the airframe, engines, and instruments.

These checks and scheduled maintenance may be prompted by time periods or the number of hours an aircraft has spent in the air.

As well as servicing existing aircraft, aerospace engineers may also be employed to research, design, and test new aircraft, missiles, satellites, and spacecraft.

Unmanned aircraft fly without a pilot aboard but no aircraft can fly without an engineer to build, service, and maintain it.

Your aircraft mechanic salary will be commensurate with experience and responsibilities, and aircraft engineering is no exception.

The figures for aircraft maintenance engineering salaries in this video are averages collected in late 2018.

They are base salaries so they don’t include any bonuses, overtime, or profit shares that may be offered.

This is an important point to remember because such extras can make a significant difference to your take-home pay.

How to become a licenced Aircraft Engineer or Technician.

The safety of aircraft and therefore the lives of passengers and crew rely upon the expertise of engineers.

Training and qualifications are demanding. You’ll need a strong technical aptitude and attention to detail.

There are several grades of engineers; for example, Ramp or Line Maintenance Mechanics who service existing aircraft, replacing parts, and carrying out routine maintenance.

Then there are Base Technicians who carry out overhauls on older or more complex aircraft.

Then there are the categories associated with the various aircraft types; fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

So the candidate has to choose which aircraft type interests them and therefore which path of training and certification they want to follow.

Candidates who are still at school should focus on chemistry, physics and mathematics.

They should then aim for a foundation degree, or a degree in aerospace engineering, avionics, or a related subject,

The college or university might be able to provide you with on the job training as part of the course.

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