Aviation Weekly #13 – Summary Of The 7 Most Popular Drone, UAV, PPL Aviation Videos

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Aviation Weekly #13 – Summary Of The 7 Most Popular Drone, UAV, PPL Aviation Videos

It’s Saturday October 7th and here is Aviation Weekly #13.

In this edition I’m going to change the format temporarily and review the 7 most popular aviation videos in my channel over the past 12 months.

I started this channel in order to share information about aviation both manned and unmanned. My main aim was and remains to pass on tips that others may find useful and to stimulate interest in all kinds of aviation.

I invite all subscribers to this channel to submit suggestions as to the kind of content you would like to see in one-off or weekly videos.

What is your main interest? Drones & UAV? Commercial Aviation? General Aviation? Airports and airfields? Use the poll you see in the top right of this screen, or the comments section below or simply contact me on social media to express your opinions.

You’ll find links in the video description area below – just click SHOW MORE. Here then are the 7 most popular videos from the past 12 months in reverse order. To view all these videos and more visit my channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/BenLovegrove

7. Drone Pilots Jobs – 7 Benefits of being a RPAS UAV Operator flying drones or selling drone training. This video is designed to inspire current drone pilots or those who may be wondering how they could develop a career in unmanned aviation.

6. PPL Ground School – 7 Tips For Private Pilots Licence Students. There’s a lot of information to absorb when you learn to fly but taken step by step it is not only manageable but can also be enjoyable.

5. Further Flight Training After Getting Your Private Pilots Licence. Too many pilots let their licence expire a few months after obtaining it. The trick is to find new goals in aviation to keep your interest up and maintain momentum.

4. What Are Drones Used For? – 31 Uses For Flying Drones and UAV. From aerial photography to warfare – this list has grown since the video was produced. Just read the comments underneath it!

3. How To Make Money With Drones & UAV: Become a commercial drone pilot, start a drone business. An older video that many found useful and which continues to receive views and shares.

2. How To Start A Drone Business That Will Last And Succeed. In the number two slot is the video in which I pass on what I learned from running an aerial photography business.

1. How To Reduce The Cost Of Learning To Fly & Getting A Private Pilots Licence. Everyone who wants to learn to fly would also like to know how to do so cost effectively. The less it costs the more there is to spend on flying later.

That’s all for this edition of Aviation Weekly so subscribe to my channel for the next and to catch up on any you’ve missed.

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