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June 28, 2017

A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth

A review of the book A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel.

Imagine that at some time in the very near future, probably on a Friday (for reasons that are explained in the book), the leaders of the USA, UK, France, and many other nations hold a press conference at various hours according to their respective time zones.

At these conferences it is announced that not only do non human extraterrestrial intelligences exist but that certain sections of the human race have been interacting with them for over sixty years.

Impact on Society

What would be the impact on society? This book examines the potential effects on people, the economy, religions, culture, art, technology, and many other aspects of human activity.

The initial effects would of course be enormous and without parallel in human history. As the book’s title suggests there would be the world before Disclosure and the world after Disclosure.

Life would never be the same again and in one afternoon all our lives would be changed forever. The repercussions would go on for decades.

What if this act of disclosure was carried out in stages with only a little information released at a time?

Would the Earth’s 7 billion inhabitants find it easier to digest the news or would they grow angry when they realise how much information had been withheld?

The book speculates on the immediate aftershocks in the first days and weeks. Then it extrapolates on this to wonder about the benefits and ramifications over months and years.

Civilian Response

Would there civil unrest?

If certain people couldn’t cope with this news would there be panic buying and stockpiling of food? Would religious leaders talk up the prospect of Armageddon and the Apocalypse?

Some might not be able to absorb the realisation that ET really is in the neighbourhood. There is likely to be a degree of fear as the collective mind of the human race undertakes a huge paradigm shift.

Scientists might be among those who find it hard to take in as they realise much of their understanding of physics has to be reviewed and adjusted.

Alien Technology

What if it was revealed that alien technology not only existed but was already in the hands of private contractors working for governments? And what if this technology was so advanced that it could provide free zero point energy that would empower every person on the planet to heat and provide light in every home? What would the impact be on those with a vested interest in the oil industry?

It is alleged that the secret of this interaction during the past six decades has been maintained with the two weapons of denial and ridicule and the process has worked. Try raising the subject now and you’ll still be regarded with at least wry amusement and possibly hostility by those fearful of even discussing it.

How would we react when we realise that our governments have not only kept us in the dark for 70 years but they have also colluded with private contractors and spent trillions of tax dollars on projects that involved reverse engineering spacecraft?

All aspects of the possible repercussions are considered. The book raises more questions than it answers but it does provide the reader with the ample food for thought.


The sharing of information on the web combined with the acclimatization of the public mind (planned or by coincidence) by books, films, and TV programs has brought us to the point at which we may be just strong enough to be ready for Disclosure.

Many brave people within the government, military, commercial, and civilian world have come forward to provide their testimonies. The work of Dr Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project is mentioned and it is clear that we are approaching the point of change.

A.D. After Disclosure is a thought provoking read that will spark your imagination and stimulate your curiosity. That has to be a good thing in an age of fake news and misinformation.

March 15, 2017

The Spine of Albion Review. The Backbone of Britain.

The Spine of AlbionThe Spine of Albion is an intriguing book.  It falls neatly into place as the third of a trilogy of books about long and important ley lines in Europe.

The first was The Sun and the Serpent (1990) which charts the path of the St Michael Line from Land’s End to East Anglia.

The second was the The Dance of the Dragon: An Odyssey into Earth Energies and Ancient Religion (2000) which follows the path of the major ley from Ireland to Israel.  This crosses the St Michael Line at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.

Now there is the Spine of Albion: An Exploration of Earth Energies and Landscape Mysteries which traces the Belinus Line from the Isle of Wight to Scotland.

All three lines probably extend far beyond the start and end points mentioned in the respective books.

The Spine of Albion Review

The Spine of Albion Review - NodesThe authors, Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare, dedicated fifteen years of hard work following the line and visiting all the significant sites along its route.

As they travelled from site to site they dowsed the path of the two complimentary male and female energy lines (or dragon paths), which they named Belinus and Elen.

Wherever the two complimentary currents cross the each other on the alignment there is a node point that is of particular importance and power.

The ley line alignment itself follows a rhumb line path and the two dragon lines weave around it.  The line tracks the length of Britain at 14.5 degrees west of True North.

At each location along the line we learn a lot about its history, symbolism, and heritage.  The authors investigated the legends and folklore, and the archaeology and historical records of each site.

The book is therefore not only the story of the journey along and around the line but it is also a detailed reference book.

It is a guidebook to one of Britain’s most important ley lines.

Anyone living close to a section of the alignment who wants to visit just a few of the sites can turn to that section and glean plenty of information about each location.

The print quality is excellent with plenty of colour photos of the many churches, abbeys, earthworks, sarsen stones, trees, wells, masonry, and countless other evidence.

Inspiration and Exploration

White Horse Uffington

Uffington White Horse, or is it a dragon?

Once you start reading this book your feet will start to itch.  It’s an inspiration to start exploring the section of the Belinus line that is closest to you.

There will be sites you will want to visit for the first time.   There may be sites that are familiar to you that you will return to with deeper knowledge and understanding.

It is a book that compliments the resurgence of walking, following footpaths, and rediscovering Britain’s largely forgotten routes of pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage in Britain is usually thought of a purely Christian activity but travel along sacred paths goes back a lot further.

It is known that the early Christian monks and missionaries built their wattle and daub churches on or near existing sacred sites. By doing so and by following the old paths that interconnected these ancient sites the paths of Elen between stone circles and holy hills became paths of pilgrimage between churches and cathedrals.

Dip into the Spine of Albion, find a path, follow it, and see where it leads you.  Use this book as your guide and you’ll know what to look out for at each location.

The Spine of Albion could easily be your guidebook for an exploration of the line that could take weeks to complete.

Albion’s Legacy

St Mary's Church Uffington

St Mary’s Church, Uffington, Berkshire

We are all familiar with the fact that our busy everyday lives tend to absorb so much activity and attention that we have little left after all the supposedly important tasks are done.

Just as light pollution prevents us from gazing in awe and wonder at the stars as our ancestors did, so our attention is drawn to the modern world and all its distractions.

It takes a conscious effort to devote some time and attention to books like this but it is vitally important that we do so.

For some it will be a pleasant enough read and an armchair journey to places that they may never visit in person.  Whether you do manage to visit is not as important as being reminded of the significance of these alignments and the sanctity of the node points.

Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare’s book delivers an important message for the 21st Century.  It reminds us of how long these sacred sites have hummed with power generating the fertile atmospheres for the benefit of all.

The Cloud, Cheshire

The Cloud, Cheshire

However, these power points in the earth’s energy grid need our attention and care.  They need to be visited and and the paths need to be used lest they grow over.

Neglected networks tend to atrophy and fall into disrepair.  The result is a gradual depletion of vitality within the areas they designed to enliven.

Be part of the restoration. Buy this book and learn about the node points nearest to you.  Visit them and walk the paths that pass through them.

You will not only become fitter and happier but you will also contribute to the restoration of Albion’s network of winding paths through the hollow hills.

For more information visit the authors’ homepage:

March 8, 2017

Earth Energy Healing – Repair, Replenish, Rejuvenate

Sacred Geometry, Earth Energy Network HealingLike all other networks the earth energy network requires monitoring, change, and maintenance.  It needs capacity planning, testing, and repairs to breakages caused by misuse through ignorance, accident, and even willful and malicious damage.

Networks have a tendency to grow, to expand, and they need to be updated to cope with expanding demand.  They need to be resilient in the face of temporary outages so that traffic is re-routed when required.

If you are interested in participating in the repair and replenishment of the Earth’s Energy Network then here are a few methods.  There is a process to suit just about all character types.

Armed with this knowledge you too can be one of the Earth Energy Network Engineers, , or perhaps that should be GNE – Gaia Network Engineers


This is something anyone can do at any time.  It’s a method that has been used for millennia and gained a resurgence in recent decades thanks to groups like Fountain International.

Visit for more information and to download copies of their free e-magazine.

The process is simple but effective.  Get into a meditative state and visualize a powerful channel of pure divine energy descending in column into a focal point your local community or into a node point in the planetary network.

Imagine that same light spreading through the various channels and connections within the network.  As it spread wider further afield its positive and beneficial effects are transferred into the surrounding areas.

Think of blood spreading through capillaries bringing life and energy, or pure cool water flowing into dried out and dusty pipes.

Imagine broken connections repaired in the network and light travelling through forgotten channels once again.

Best suited for: Introverts who like to meditate alone or anyone who likes to socialise and meditate with groups.


British PilgrimageWalking Britain’s old straight tracks and winding pathways is another way of bringing them back to life.

Seek out the many footpaths and make use of them.  Go on longer walks along routes that have been used for thousands of years.

As you visit any ancient site or node in the network; henges and holy wells, churches and hillforts, standing stones and tumuli etc, approach with reverence and say a silent greeting the the spirit of the place.

Give thanks as you leave.  Pay your respects just as you would behave with appropriate decorum in a mighty cathedral or quiet small church.

The British Pilgrimage Trust has more information.

We aim to revive the British pilgrimage tradition of making journeys on foot to holy places.

The Gatekeeper Trust is another organisation that does very similar and complimentary work.

The Gatekeeper Trust is a Registered Educational Charity…founded in 1980 devoted to personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage.

Best suited for: Anyone.  Also, introverts who like to walk alone or in small groups.

Fairs and Festivals

Morris Dancer, British FolkloreFairs and festivals held on or near node points on the network are another way of renewing and replenishing the energy.  Many of them begin with or involve processions along a section of the network.

These often culminate in the main fair being held on or near a holy place in the landscape.

Many of these traditions have survived into the 21st Century so if one takes place near you then be sure to go along and participate (rather than merely spectating with phone in hand).

For example, here’s a list of folklore events in May.  The same site has a list for all the months of the year.

Warning:  You may be drawn into dancing and singing.  Your antics may be filmed and end up on YouTube.  You may experience fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Best suited for:  Extroverts.  Outgoing types who always dance as if no one is watching.

Other Methods

The Gaia Method

The Gaia Method is a method of healing the Feminine aspect of the Earth’s consciousness. It is primarily a way for humanity to reconnect with the consciousness which was once known and understood as the Great Mother.

Recommended Reading

February 8, 2017

Lily and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Lily and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the PentagramKate Bush fans who also have a passing knowledge of occultism may have noticed the similarities in the lyric of her song Lily and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Lily is the sixth track on the 1993 Red Shoes album.  It was also the opening song at the Before The Dawn performances at the Hammersmith Odeon in 2014. It’s not hard to understand why she choice this particular track to start the show when you know what the song is about.

I’m not an occultist but like many I’ve read a few books so as soon as I heard the song I recognised the evocation in the words.  However, before we look at in more detail it’s perhaps best if we establish a baseline for what follows.

Physics and Metaphysics


  • Scientific facts are proven using repeated experiments that produce consistent results.
  • Scientific theories remain as such until the technology exists that can prove or disprove the theory.
  • Scientists tend to be respected, trusted, and admired by the rest of society.
  • Some of the scientific facts of today were once considered magical and impossible.
  • Some of the theories at the fringes of science seem very magical, spooky, and far out indeed.
  • Even so, anything that is considered by the best scientific minds of the day as outside of realms of what is possible is dumped in a bin marked ‘Magic and Mysticism‘.


  • Metaphyics is that which lies beyond physics (meta – Greek, after, beyond).
  • In metaphysics things are not proven, they are experienced.
  • Metaphysicians tend to be those rummaging around in a bin marked ‘Magic and Mysticism
  • Anyone dabbling in metaphysics or any occultism can expect to be viewed with skepticism, ridicule, or as a danger to themselves and society.
  • Some of today’s magical ideas may one day be proven by scientific experiment.
  • Some of the theories in occultism are no more weird and spooky than those on the fringes of science.

John DeeIf you took an iPhone 7 back in time 500 years and showed it to a priest you may be fortunate to be met with curiosity and wonder. You could just as easily find yourself arrested and end up experiencing a long and excruciating execution as a witch or magician in league with the Devil.

Top Tip: If you should find yourself transported back to the earlier Elizabethan era look up a chap called John Dee. He would be more likely to be curious rather than suspicious.

We often talk about scientists making discoveries.  In other words, they uncover something that has always existed and now it is revealed.  What was once esoteric or occult eventually becomes familiar and clear. The advances in technology in the last 150 years are proof of that idea.

LBRP – the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

LBRP Lesser Banishing Ritual of the PentagramSo far, so what?  What has any of this got to do with a Kate Bush track and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram?

Well, in order to appreciate the LBRP you have to take a step out of physics and into metaphysics. You have to accept that things are not proven here but they can be experienced and still have an effect.

The LBRP is a space clearing ritual designed to clear an area for further work, for meditation, or it can used simply to establish as an exercise in ritual and visualisation complete in itself.

It was originally devised by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and in the decades since it has been tweaked and amended by various practitioners.

It’s a basic ritual that is widely used by those following the Western Mystery Tradition.

There are plenty of websites and YouTube videos that describe and demonstrate how it is done so if you’re interested in it I suggest you go ahead and explore.   Here is one such explanation.

If you read through that description you will notice that it involves imagining the presence of the four Archangels; Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel.  Powerful stuff.

It’s all in the imagination

ArchangelsHowever, all the ritual paraphernalia, incense, and robes don’t mean a thing if you can’t imagine what is described.  You need to be able to see and feel their presence for the magic to work.

It’s true that magic is all in your head and just your imagination.  The thing is people underestimate the power of the imagination and the effects that it can have on your reality.

A true Magus or anyone will a flair of these things will be able to execute this ritual in their mind’s eye without lifting a finger.

If you’ve read any self-help or NLP books you may be aware that your body and mind don’t know the difference between what you physically see and what you strongly imagine.

So if you imagine things strongly enough you will generate that reality.  By imagining yourself to be strong and confident you will be start to feel that way.

It’s a psychological trick that is used widely, particularly in sports in which the competitor imagines himself or herself winning, lifting the trophy to rapturous applause.

The theory behind the LBRP is that this has an effect outside your mind too.  It clears the area of unwanted astral gunk and purifies the space ready for meditation or other work.  It’s a bit like a chef giving a kitchen a thorough clean before starting the prep for the evening’s service.