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December 15, 2016

How to make internet marketing videos that create leads

internet marketing videosI’ve found out how to make internet marketing videos that look professional and that are ideal for capturing leads or promoting a brand. I can now offer it as a service to my clients.

Internet marketing can be difficult. It saps your time and your money, usually both.

Cyberspace is awash with SEO ‘experts’ who are ready to take your cash in return for promises of quick results.

After several months of paying their invoices you find that your site’s ranking has not improved enough to generate a decent return on your investment.

However, one thing that most experts agree upon is that video marketing is booming.

People search on YouTube for all kinds of solutions, products, and services. Many now go straight to YouTube for a video first and maybe check out websites on Google later.

A good video that’s properly configured for your target audience can help you gain those precious leads much faster than the article it is based upon.

How to make internet marketing videos

So here’s another service I can offer: turning your blog posts or articles into Youtube videos.

Example 1
Here’s a sample I made using a voiceover artist who read the script for me. I can hire UK or US speaking male/female voiceover artists:

Example 2
Here’s one I made by recording my own narration.

How to use my marketing video service

  1. You send me the link to your blog post/article or simply send me a copy
  2. You specify what sort of voiceover you want:
    (A) You record it and send me an mp3 file of the recording
    (B) I record myself
    (C) I arrange to outsource to a voiceover artist (you specify M/F, accent etc)
  3. I turn that into a slideshow/video
  4. I add appropriate stock images or any that you supply
  5. I share a draft copy of the video for you to review and approve
  6. You specify any changes and I make those amendments
  7. The final version is put online:
    (A) I send you the final copy and you upload it to your own account
    (B) I upload it to your YouTube account and do all the SEO tweaks for you


The price depend on the options, number of words in the article etc, but here are some guide prices:

  • A basic five minute video for which you supply the narration, starting at £45
  • A basic five minute video for the narration is outsourced, starting at £85
  • A basic five minute video for the narration is outsourced and I upload and SEO tweak the video, starting at £99

All prices are excluding VAT. I can offer you discounts for bulk orders. Contact me for further details and a no-obligation chat about your ideas.

Other Options

Alternatively, learn how to do this for yourself and make as many videos as you want each month by clicking the banner below and signing up.  The team behind Content Samurai are excellent.  They produce clear and concise training videos and provide quick support. There’s also and active Facebook user group for subscribers.

How to make internet marketing videosCrank Out Traffic-Pumping Videos On-Demand!

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July 9, 2016

Retail Arbitrage UK – Buying Low and Selling High

Retail Arbitrage UK

The process of buying low and selling high dates back into ancient history.  It’s as old as human civilisation itself.  Merchandising and trade are one of life’s constants and the only things that change are the products and the tools.  However, retail arbitrage is something relatively new and its existence is due to the technology and innovation that can be found in the online world.

In the world of retail arbitrage UK sellers have a smaller market that their US counterparts, but they should not think that they are the poorer cousins for it.  Amazon’s reach is long and stock sent to UK fulfillment centres can be sold in Germany, Spain, Portugal, and elsewhere in Europe.

The UK is a smaller but different market.  Developing expertise in this arena will equip Amazon sellers with the experience that will help hugely if and when they decide to branch out into the USA.

What is Retail Arbitrage?

Simply put, retail arbitrage is the process of buying products from retailers and selling them yourself as a retailer at a higher price (e.g. on Amazon).

This is made possible by the fact that some retailers have excess stock they want to clear to make way for other products.  It could also be due to the fact that the product sells so well on Amazon that the price has not been reduced due to the demand.

There may be other reasons, but the point is you can buy things from online shops, ship them to Amazon, and sell them at a profit, even after you’ve deducted the Amazon fees and shipping costs.

This provides an opportunity for Amazon sellers and merchants, but the tricky bit is finding the products.  Not only that, you need to find them and buy them when they are in stock and before the price difference closes.

Profit Sourcery for Retail Arbitrage

Profit Sourcery is a tool that does all the hard work for you.  It is a browser based product research tool available on a three tiered subscription.

(I’ve written two other posts about it: Profit Sourcery Tips and Amazon Shipment Warnings.)

The tool collects all the data (freely provided by Amazon) relating to products, prices, seller rank, size, weight and much more  It then analyses all this and presents the results on your own dashboard.

Each subscriber sees a unique set of products on his or her dashboard each day so you’re not competing with other Profit Sourcery subscribers.

Subscriptions are paid monthly.  You can cancel or upgrade in your dashboard. There are no long term contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Using the online training provided by the Profit Sourcery team, and by reference to their extensive supporting documentation, you can quickly learn how to interpret the data and make good buying decisions.

If you get stuck, have any questions, or just want to give some feedback, you can send messages to the team through your dashboard.  I can tell you from personal experience that they are usually quick to respond.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll see how your profits can be reinvested to buy ever increasing amounts of stock.  The online business grows according to the pace and scale you choose.

However, my guess is that the people at Profit Sourcery will eventually limit the number of subscribers.  There is mention of this in the video interview below with Ed Brooks (Profit Sourcery founder), so if you haven’t tried it yet I suggest you do so soon.

Sign up now for a free 7 day trial.

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Management

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Management DashboardThere are all kinds of tools designed to support the task of managing multiple social media accounts.  I have tested several but my favourite by far is Hootsuite.  The Hootsuite social media marketing management dashboard is feature rich, well supported, and includes some free introductory training.

The Hootsuite dashboard scales according to your needs.  If you are running your own social media campaigns you may have one or more of the following accounts; Twitter, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, a Google+ page, Instagram, Pinterest, a YouTube account, and perhaps a WordPress blog.

Without a dashboard you will have to log in to each of your accounts one by one in order to respond and react to the activity in each stream.  You could simplify this process a little by setting up individual tabs in your browser and making these your default homepages on loading the browser.  However, this would be a poor substitute for what Hootsuite has to offer.

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Management Dashboard

Every social media account has several aspects to it that may need your attention.  There are the comments, likes, messages, and other reactions to your output.  There may be content you want to share with your audience, and there could be requests for support or more information.  All of this while you’re trying to build your brand and expand awareness of your business in an effort to attract new clients.

Managing all of this, even for a solo operator with a small business, can become a time consuming task.  Consequently there is a risk that it could be done badly or not at all and that would mean the potential this offers would be lost.

The dashboard can be configured to show the streams of information from each of your social media accounts and arrange them in tabs for easy reference.  These streams will automatically refresh giving you an overview of all the activity and the ability to respond to any interaction.

You can schedule posts and updates to your accounts, one by one or in bulk.  This gives you the ability to plan, prepare, and create social media campaigns.  You updates can be scheduled to match the activity of your target market’s peak activity online.

Hootsuite Analytics will give you feedback and statistics on the effectiveness of your social media activity.  You can then adjust and optimise your campaigns based on this data.

Outsource Social Media Marketing Management

However, learning how to use all these features and putting them into practice takes time.  Training is available if you are inclined to complete it.  Even then you may find it takes up too much of your precious time if your attention is needed elsewhere.  Your business priorities may mean that you don’t have the time to mange this task on a regular basis.

This is why some businesses choose to outsource the task.  It can be much more cost effective to hand the job over to someone who has already completed all the training and knows how to use the dashboard efficiently.

They will get to know your business objectives, formulate a social media strategy with you, and put it into action.  They will monitor the results and adjust accordingly as the strategy unfolds.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore then contact me for more information and a no obligation chat.  Social media has huge potential for businesses of all sizes and you can exploit this potential with the right help.

Social Media Marketing for Aviation, GA and UA

Social Media Marketing for AviationI had my first trial lesson in the early 1980s and went on to gain my PPL.  In 2013 I began exploring the emerging world of unmanned aviation and the use of drones for aerial photography.  The experience of both GA and UA puts me in a strong position help others reach their target market using social media marketing for aviation businesses.

Between 2014 and 2015 I built three websites, completed a course of training, and gained my PfAW from the CAA.  I then went on to complete some aerial photography work for several clients as well as make videos of my own.

I subsequently sold the UA business (Wessex Aerial Photography) to an existing aviation company, along with two UA websites, Copter Drones, and Drone UAV.

Social Media Marketing for Aviation

Social Media Marketing, like Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click marketing, is simple enough to start, but you need to analyse results and adjust accordingly.

Just like navigation in the air, if you want to reach your target destination on time and having used as little fuel as possible you need to understand what the instruments are telling you, where and what to adjust, and when to make those adjustments.

You also need to understand your audience and to interact with them.  You’ve probably heard people say that it’s all about building relationships, not trying to sell things, and they are right.

For example, there’s little point in using Twitter just to send out the occasional tweet about a service or product you want to sell.  Account used in this way attract few followers and end up being ignored.  Worse, they can use up time and other resources, and they may lessen the impact of your brand.

How I can help

Your business needs the appropriate social media accounts for what it is you’re offering.  Those accounts need to be managed, monitored, and operated with a clearly defined marketing strategy in mind.

I can help you to define your business goals, formulate a plan, put it into action, check results, and adjust accordingly.

Please get in touch for a no obligation chat.  I’m sure there will be some way in which I can help you to fly on track and land safely where your new clients are waiting.

Social Media Marketing Campaign Management

Social Media Marketing Certification

Social Media Marketing CertificationIf you’re interested in learning more about social media marketing either for your own business or in order to offer it as a service to others then hop over to Hootsuite.  They offer a free online course with the option of taking an exam at the end.  The exam comprises 58 questions to be answered in 60 minutes and costs $199.  If you don’t pass first time you can take it again.

The free online training consists of short video lectures and some notes to download in pdf files.  You can learn at your own pace, but it’s easy to follow and only takes a few hours to complete.  So for the purpose of continuity, especially if you intend to take the exam, I recommend you complete it within a two or three days.

The course teaches you how to make best use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and Instagram for business.  Perhaps you’ve tried all of these already and you think you know how to use them all, but I learned a lot despite having opened accounts years ago.

Social Media Marketing Course

The course is divided into six sections:

  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  2. Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles
  3. Social Media Strategy – From A to Z
  4. Growing Your Online Community
  5. Content Marketing Fundamentals
  6. Social Advertising Fundamentals

Some of the things you learn will inspire you to pause the learning and head off to implement them on your social media profiles, but it’s probably best to wait until you’ve completed the course.  Take a step back and review what you’ve learned.  Then develop a strategy.

One of my early mistakes was to create too many profiles. It became too time consuming to manage them all and to find content to share in each of them.  So my first task was to consolidate them down to a more realistic number.  Then, having developed a strategy and calendar, implement it and review the results on a monthly basis.

Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing requires planning.  You have to consider your business goals and objectives, formulate a marketing plan that’s in line with them, put it in to practice, review the results, and adjust as necessary.

If you’re a business, one person or larger, this takes time and effort to learn and do.  It’s one of those tasks that is often best outsourced to someone like me who can get on with it for you while you concentrate on what you do best.  Contact me for more information and to discuss how we can use social media marketing to attract more leads and clients, build your brand, and help your business to grow.