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Occasional posts and more often videos from someone interested in general aviation, aerospace, airlines, aviation history, unmanned aerial systems, space flight, UFOs, and space exploration.

Below are a few examples of my videos. Some I make for free, others I make on request in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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If you’re going to fly, why not choose an airline with a carbon offsetting scheme?
If you are a Private Pilot and you would like some fresh challenges, consider volunteering.

Are you still using a map, compass, and pencil? No reason why you shouldn’t but these apps may help decision making.

There is a formula for starting an airline and this video explains how it’s done.

A very affordable and good quality aviation headset.

Once upon a time the F-1117A was a UFO, now we know what it is. So what about the increasing number of sightings of these silent black triangles?

With the proliferation of drones comes the need to protect sensitive areas against accidental or malicious intrusion.