Appalachia, Appalachian Mountains

I started watching Hellier a few weeks ago but soon found myself listening to it while getting on with something else. It’s a documentary about a small team of paranormal investigators following up on leads about three-toed goblins and UFOs in the town of Hellier and other locations in theContinue Reading

Brexit is now imminent yet despite all the debate and argument over the past few years those who voted to leave are still accused of being, in the main, xenophobic Little Englanders who have doomed our country to decades in the economic wilderness. So here is a post with aContinue Reading

Extraterrestrial alien visitors

In this post I’m going to look ahead through 2020 and beyond to what we might expect from the world of ufology and alien contact. Just as the sun rises each morning you can be sure that every new day will produce fresh reports of UFO sightings. Images will beContinue Reading

Get your copy of the How To Fly An Airplane Handbook here: Browse all Rod Machado’s PPL products: ### My recommended products on My recommended products on ### Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I’m going to review Rod Machado’sContinue Reading

This post is an appeal on behalf of all the missing American Indians, particularly the women. Before I explain in more detail, let’s have a brief summary of why the plight of American Indians, or Native Americans if you prefer, deserves special attention. In Europe, it’s often said that JewsContinue Reading