9 Essential Drone Business Ideas For Drone Pilots, Entrepreneurs, Startups

9 Essential Drone Business Ideas For Drone Pilots, Entrepreneurs, Startups

9 Essential Drone Business Ideas For Drone Pilots, Entrepreneurs, Startups

In this video I describe 9 drone business ideas that you should consider if you are thinking of starting a business in the expanding world of unmanned aviation systems.

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In an earlier video I listed 31 different ways drones can be used and it was clear from the feedback that there were some I’d missed. What is also obvious is that the ever changing world of drone technology means that there is unlikely to be a definitive list.

New functions are emerging all the time and that means you have more opportunities to explore. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re already established as a drone pilot it will pay to review the new openings to see if there’s another way you can earn money using your drone.

So let’s get straight into it and list the 9 main areas of development that could provide you with ways you could earn money as a drone pilot or as a drone entrepreneur.

9 Essential Drone Business Ideas For Drone Pilots, Drone Entrepreneurs, And Drone Startups

Sports Filming

Many sports enthusiasts capture the drama of their particular sport using bodycams and their own drones but it takes a professional UAV operator to film broadcast quality footage. TV companies need stable and clear views of the action on road bends, at ski jumps, at turning points in yacht or dinghy races, and at finish lines for almost every conceivable sport. The drama needs to be captured from every angle and in some locations manned aviation just can’t get close enough to it. Your flying skills will need to be on a par with those you film as you fly close to the action but what a buzz being a sports drone pilot must be!

Creating Maps

Maps are big business and despite the access we have to Google Earth and the like there is still plenty of work to do in accurately mapping the planet’s surface. Archaeologists, civil engineers, construction planners – all kinds of people need accurate localized maps that go into fine detail. You might be asked to film and photograph a location prior to development for a planning application. You might also be asked to capture data about every square foot to create accurate topographical maps in precise detail. Precision flying in grid patterns and the adept use of processing software will be your main skills in this field.

News and TV Footage

Everyone with a camera can film anything that might be newsworthy. Aerial photographers can obviously see so much more and give the all important bird’s eye perspective on events. Keeping a drone with you as your travel is an option. However, safety and legality are of paramount importance and this can mean that you are denied the spontaneity needed for some reporting of events. Talk to the civil aviation authority and local police in your country about this before using a drone in such circumstances.

Industrial Inspections

Imagine an oil rig or a chemical plant with complex pipework on the outside of buildings. A drone is ideal for inspection work of these and other industrial areas. In such environments there is no room for a helicopter and access by humans is not only dangerous but very costly. Industrial inspections with drones are as many and as varied as the types of factories and industrial plants on the planet. It also includes pipework and cabling running from site to site. There is huge scope here and is likely to be a main source of income for many drone businesses.

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Drone Pilot Jobs, Drone Business Contracts, Aerial, Marine, Land

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