Booklist: The Spine of Albion is an intriguing book. It falls neatly into place as the third of a trilogy of books about long and important ley lines in Europe. You’ll find links to all these books on my blog at The first book was The Sun andContinue Reading

Like all other networks the earth energy network requires monitoring, change, and maintenance.  It needs capacity planning, testing, and repairs to breakages caused by misuse through ignorance, accident, and even willful and malicious damage. Networks have a tendency to grow, to expand, and they need to be updated to copeContinue Reading

About forty years ago I developed in interest in ley lines.  The interest was sparked by reading about them in various books on related subjects.  It wasn’t long before I had ordered a copy of by Alfred Watkins and other titles soon followed. Living on the outskirts of Winchester, theContinue Reading