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My name is Ben Lovegrove and I blog about aviation, aircraft, airlines, air travel, tourism, aerospace, Urban Air Mobility (UAM), UAP/UFO, and various other related subjects.

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Ita Airways

ITA Airways Reviews: What people are saying about this Italian airline

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Increasing numbers of ITA Airways reviews are being posted online as customers give their reaction to Italy’s flag carrier, now that Italia Airways is no more. If you’re planning a trip to Italy or considering flying with ITA Airways, this post summaries ITA Airways, covering its history, fleet, cabin classes, and other essential aspects. Below…
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Best Ufo Documentaries 2

Some of the Best UFO Documentaries: Your Gateways to the Unidentified

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Some of best UFO documentaries are those that spark your imagination and curiosity. They should challenge you to consider possibilities while leaving you hungry for more information. For this reason, what works for you won’t necessarily be ideal for someone else. It’s a purely subjective experience. In the past year I’ve noticed a significant change…
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Arrow Cockpit Documents 1

ARROW Aviation Acronym: Which 4 Documents Are Required?

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Since there has been some interest in the previous posts about ATOMATOFLAMES, FLAPS, and the GRABCARD, I have included this post about ARROW aviation acronym. If you’re an aviation enthusiast or a pilot, you’ve likely come across the ARROW acronym. It’s an aviation mnemonic that helps pilots remember the essential documents required for flight. Let’s…
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Flight Attendant 1

Finding Schools for Flight Attendant Training and Essential Resources

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Schools for flight attendant training are not numerous but when a review of all the educational resources available reveals that there are plenty of avenues to explore. From short and inexpensive online courses to residential training by specialist teams, there’s something for every budget. Airlines also provide training for ab initio candidates and while that…
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Cessna Clouds

GRABCARD: Your Essential IFR Flight Equipment Checklist

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IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) demand that aircraft are equipped with a specific set of equipment to ensure safety and compliance. The GRABCARD mnemonic serves as a mnemonic to help pilots remember these essential items. This article breaks down the GRABCARD aviation acronym, explaining the importance of each component and how to check them before your…
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Learn Remote Viewing 1

Learn Remote Viewing: An In-Depth Look at its History and Applications

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If you have ever considered yourself ready to learn remote viewing then there’s no time like the present. This subject has fascinated scientists, intrigued military strategists, and captivated spiritual seekers alike. Let’s take a look at its rich history, diverse applications, and the avenues available for mastering this extraordinary skill.  A year from now, perhaps…
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Learn To Fly Course

I learned to fly over 30 years ago and in this course is a distillation of the lessons I learned through many mistakes and few successes along the way. It includes advice and tips about training, saving money, and shortening the route to completion.  This is a course designed to inspire and motivate you rather than a technical course covering specific parts of the PPL syllabus. Join me on this course as I introduce you to the wonderful world of the Pilot Licence, general aviation, commerical aviation, and the aviation industry.

Drone Business Course

In 2013 I noticed that drones were going to be very widely used in years to come so I started selling and flying them, and then I started an aerial photography business.  There are now many skillful drone pilots who could be earning extra money or running a business providing aerial photography and other drone services. This course is about starting and running such a business. It’s about marketing yourself, gaining and keeping clients, managing your budget while maximising your profits.

Ufology Course

In recent years the subject of UFOs (or UAP to use the modern acronym) has become a hot topic. The first Congressional hearings for 50 years on UAP were held in the spring of 2022. There is now an overwhelming amount of data and eyewitness accounts to investigate. This course is designed for anyone with little or no previous knowledge of the subject who wants to be quickly brougt up to speed e.g. journalists & broadcasters, or anyone else who wants to delve in and explore, such as bloggers and investigators.

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Are you looking for a part-time or full-time business you can run from home that is low risk with the potentional for high rewards? I have over 15 years of experience running online dating sites.  This course is a summary of what I’ve learned.  Enroll on this course and I’ll explain how to begin, how to save time and money, and how to equip yourself with the right tools and tricks to maximize your chances of success while minimizing the risks associated with starting an online business.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

The phrase “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” is a cornerstone principle in aviation that serves as a decision-making hierarchy for pilots, particularly during emergency situations. The sequence is designed to prioritize tasks in a way that maximizes the chances of maintaining control of the aircraft and ensuring the safety of its occupants. Here’s a breakdown of each component in the phrase:


The most immediate priority in any flight situation is to control the aircraft effectively. This means maintaining the correct altitude, airspeed, and attitude. In an emergency, no other task supersedes the importance of flying the aircraft safely. If control of the aircraft is lost, then navigation and communication become moot points. Therefore, ‘aviating’ effectively forms the foundation upon which all other tasks are built.


Once the aircraft is under control, the next priority is to navigate. This entails knowing your position and planning a course to a safe destination, whether it’s continuing to the intended airport or diverting due to an emergency. Accurate navigation is vital for avoiding obstacles, complying with air traffic control instructions, and ensuring that the aircraft reaches its destination safely. With advancements in technology, navigation has become more precise and user-friendly, but the fundamental importance of this task remains unchanged.


After ensuring the aircraft is under control and on a safe navigational path, the next step is to communicate the situation. This could involve speaking with air traffic control, relaying important information to passengers, or communicating with other aircraft if necessary. Clear and precise communication can provide the pilot with vital information, additional resources, or alternative courses of action. However, it’s crucial to remember that communication should not distract from the primary tasks of flying and navigating the aircraft.

The brilliance of “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” lies in its simplicity and its applicability to a wide range of situations—from standard flight operations to crisis scenarios. By ingraining this hierarchy into training and practice, pilots are better equipped to handle the multi-tasking demands of flying an aircraft, particularly in stressful or unexpected situations. This decision-making framework is not just an operational guideline but a lifesaving tool that underscores the fundamentals of aviation safety. Given the stakes involved in aviation, adhering to such foundational principles is not just advisable but essential.

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