Is There A Vertiport Near Me?  There Soon Will Be

Is there a vertiport near me? There soon will be

Plans are afoot to build a vertiport in some of the world’s largest cities. The proliferation of vertiports is only a matter of time, now that the demand and design have been established and the funding is in place. Industry stakeholders have reason for optimism as concrete plans are being initiated. These new technologies are…

Svetlana Kapanina – Queen Of The Skies, Multi Titled Pilot

Svetlana Kapanina – Queen of the Skies, Multi Titled Pilot

There are many things that set Svetlana Kapanina apart from other aerobatic pilots. For one, she is a world-renowned champion, having won first place at the World Aerobatic Championship in 2010. She is also an accomplished instructor pilot, having taught aerobatics to pilots from around the world. What’s more, she started flying when she was…

Best Aircraft Paint Remover – 5 Examples For Your Airplane Project

Best Aircraft Paint Remover – 5 Examples For Your Airplane Project

Choosing the best aircraft paint remover takes a little thought and buying the right one for your airplane will save time and effort. Nothing spoils the look of an aircraft more than the sight of chipped, peeling, or faded paint. It’s like a tear in a fine suit of clothes; from a distance things don’t…

10 Best Pilot Kneeboards For Student, Private, And Commercial Pilots

10 Best Pilot Kneeboards For Student, Private, and Commercial Pilots

Pilot kneeboards are the small clipboards or folders worn on the knee during flight. They are an essential item of flight gear as they provide a convenient place to keep track of important information such as flight data, frequencies, and other information transmitted during radio calls. For the more qualified aviators and commercial pilots they…

Compton Abbas Airfield: History & Attractions At This Grass Airfield

Compton Abbas Airfield: History & Attractions at this Grass Airfield

Compton Abbas Airfield (EGHA) is one of those airfields that attracts many new visitors and which has a loyal selection of aviators who frequently drop in. It is arguably one of the most picturesque airfields in the South of England. I have a personal reason to be fond of the airfield as it was here…

Piper Vs Cessna – Should You Fly A Pa-28 Or A Cessna 172?

Piper vs Cessna – Should you fly a PA-28 or a Cessna 172?

One of the first decisions the aspiring pilot has to make is which aircraft to fly while training and it’s often a matter of Piper vs Cessna. Both aircraft are frequently found in the local flight school fleet. Thousands of examples of both remain in use all over the world. The available aircraft will depend…

How To Become A Bush Pilot Flying In Remote Areas And Rough Terrain

How to become a bush pilot flying in remote areas and rough terrain

If you have ever wondered how to become a bush pilot then this post will give you some pointers. Bush pilots are responsible for flying into and out of remote areas, often transporting cargo or passengers. They are pilots skilled in STOL operating in and out of short strips. They fly airplanes equipped with floats,…

The Aerial Application Industry Aka Crop Dusting & Crop Dusters
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The Aerial Application Industry aka Crop Dusting & Crop Dusters

Aerial application (aka crop dusting) is the process of spraying a crop with a pesticide or herbicide from an aircraft. Ag pilots may also spray seeds, conduct aerial surveys, or spray marshy areas to supress insect population e.g. mosquitos. The aerial application industry refers to the business of crop dusting and other aerial applications, such…

Learn To Fly At Andrewsfield Aviation Saling Airfield Essex

Learn to Fly at Andrewsfield Aviation Saling Airfield Essex

Andrewsfield Aviation like to offer friendly but professional flight training at all levels. They provide training for the Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence (LAPL) and the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) aboard their fleet of Cessna C152 and Piper PA28 aircraft. For these licences candidates need to complete a minimum of 30 or 45 hours respectively and…

Flight Simulator Experience Near Me – Best Ways To Enjoy Simulated Flight

Flight Simulator Experience Near Me – Best ways to enjoy simulated flight

There is a flight simulator experience waiting for you in many places around the UK and elsewhere. You’ll find links to a full range of flight simulator experiences in the UK below. Modern flight simulators are so much better than the slow, unrealistic examples of the past. Many are full-motion simulators, so you get to…

Flying In A Spitfire At Duxford: An Experience Of A Lifetime
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Flying in a Spitfire at Duxford: An Experience of a Lifetime

For anyone who is a fan of flight and of warbirds in particular, flying in a Spitfire at Duxford is an opportunity not to be missed. At the Imperial War Museum Duxford you can enjoy flight experiences with some of the most iconic planes from World War II. You can fly wing to wing with…

Harvard Flights Uk – Take A Trial Lesson In This Legendary Aircraft

Harvard Flights UK – Take a Trial Lesson in this Legendary Aircraft

There are several places in the UK where you can enjoy a flight experience in this fighter trainer. Harvard flights are available for everyone, no previous flying experience required. You can simply enjoy the flight experience or log it as time on type with an instructor. If you love flying then you’ll love the Harvard….

9 Essential Pieces Of Equipment For Planespotters

9 Essential Pieces of Equipment for Planespotters

There are people who travel the world visiting airports and airfields just to watch airplanes take off and land. They’re called planespotters, and if you’re fascinated by aviation, this could be the perfect hobby for you too. This article will cover the basics of what plane spotting is and why it’s important to aviation. It…

Flights From Newquay Airport Cornwall – Destinations

Flights From Newquay Airport Cornwall – Destinations

Flights from Newquay Airport Cornwall (aka Newquay Cornwall Airport, or, to give it its official name, Cornwall Airport Newquay) have increased in recent years due to the airport’s improvements and expansion. It’s now an international airport that serves the air travel needs of the city of Newquay and the surrounding area, making it Cornwall’s main…

The Sandpiper Hotel Barbados – Honest Review Of This Fab Luxury Hotel

The Sandpiper Hotel Barbados – Honest Review of this Fab Luxury Hotel

The Sandpiper Hotel Barbados is a luxury hotel located on the west coast of the island in Holetown, in the Saint James parish. The hotel overlooks the Caribbean Sea and is situated on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach. The Sandpiper is one of the oldest luxury hotels on the island and consequently it…

Plymouth Airport: The Rise And Fall

Plymouth Airport: The Rise and Fall

Plymouth Airport (Plymouth City Airport) was once a growing regional hub, connecting the people and businesses of Plymouth with the world. However, on 23 December 2011, the airport was officially mothballed and has remained closed ever since. It was not only an amenity providing vital connectivity to international hubs like Heathrow and London Gatwick for…