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My name is Ben Lovegrove and I blog about aviation, aircraft, airlines, air travel, tourism, aerospace, Urban Air Mobility (UAM), UAP/UFO, and various other related or obscure subjects.

I had my first air experience in 1966, a ride in a Bell 47D helicopter. In the 1980s I learned to fly and acquired a UK PPL. In 1990 I obtained a City & Guild Certificate in Aviation Studies at Farnborough Technical College. In 2013 I began reselling, flying, and blogging about drones. I’m a volunteer director for the Daedalus Aviation & Heritage Group based at Solent Airport (EGHF).


Learn To Fly Course

I learned to fly over 30 years ago and in this course is a distillation of the lessons I learned through many mistakes and few successes along the way. It includes advice and tips about training, saving money, and shortening the route to completion.  This is a course designed to inspire and motivate you rather than a technical course covering specific parts of the PPL syllabus. Join me on this course as I introduce you to the wonderful world of the Pilot Licence, general aviation, commerical aviation, and the aviation industry.

Drone Business Course

In 2013 I noticed that drones were going to be very widely used in years to come so I started selling and flying them, and then I started an aerial photography business.  There are now many skillful drone pilots who could be earning extra money or running a business providing aerial photography and other drone services. This course is about starting and running such a business. It’s about marketing yourself, gaining and keeping clients, managing your budget while maximising your profits.

Ufology Course

In recent years the subject of UFOs (or UAP to use the modern acronym) has become a hot topic. The first Congressional hearings for 50 years on UAP were held in the spring of 2022. There is now an overwhelming amount of data and eyewitness accounts to investigate. This course is designed for anyone with little or no previous knowledge of the subject who wants to be quickly brougt up to speed e.g. journalists & broadcasters, or anyone else who wants to delve in and explore, such as bloggers and investigators.

Dating Site Business Course

Are you looking for a part-time or full-time business you can run from home that is low risk with the potentional for high rewards? I have over 15 years of experience running online dating sites.  This course is a summary of what I’ve learned.  Enroll on this course and I’ll explain how to begin, how to save time and money, and how to equip yourself with the right tools and tricks to maximize your chances of success while minimizing the risks associated with starting an online business.


Content Writing

You’ve probably heard it said that content is king. That’s only half the equation. You also need search engine optimised content designed to make your site rank for the search terms that your intended audience use when they’re looking for what you provide.

Video Creation

Videos now account for vast amounts of internet traffic. A short video lasting a few seconds is all it takes to grab the elusive attention span of your target market. I can make you videos that last seconds or minutes. Use them on your website or in social media.

SEO Audits

How’s your website doing? What’s internal linking structure like? How good is your on-page or off-page SEO? If you don’t know what I’m talking about you probably need someone like me who can audit and improve your site and explain in plain English how it’s done.

WordPress Websites

It’s not difficult to build a website but it’s not so easy to build one that looks professional, loads quickly, contains all the text, images, videos, and products that are specific to you, and which is secure enough to withstand attacks from the cybercriminals.

Abandoned Airliner

What Are The Lessons We Can Learn From These Defunct Airlines?

Reading Time: 12 minutes
During the 100 years since commercial air travel first became viable, the lists of both new and defunct airlines have grown. When an airline ceases operations, it leaves unanswered questions for customers and employees. Some of those questions address the immediate concerns of employees facing redundancy, passengers facing the prospect of canceled flights, and suppliers…
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Construction Photography With Drones

The Importance of Construction Photography using Drones

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Construction photography using drones is a way of capturing images and videos of construction projects that can be used for a variety of purposes, including the creation of 2D mapping and 3D models, marketing, and documentation of the project from beginning to completion. Construction Photograpy for Record Keeping Construction photography is important for documenting the…
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Avi 8Shopnow Large3

The Best Pilot Watches For Aviators, Non-Flyers, and Collectors

Reading Time: 14 minutes
While there are many different brands and styles to choose from, some of the best pilot watches available today come from renowned watchmakers like Breitling, Omega, and TAG Heuer. These timepieces combine classic design with modern sensibilities, resulting in a truly stunning watch that can be worn on any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a…
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Img 1220 Scaled Scaled

LAPL vs PPL – Options For UK Private Pilots Flying Light Aircraft

Reading Time: 6 minutes
In this post I summarise the similarities and differences between the LAPL vs PPL, that is, the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence and the Private Pilot Licence. The right licence for you will depend on your aviation aspirations. If you want to fly single engine aircraft for recreational purposes under VFR during daylight hours in UK…
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Rc Model Aircraft

Chief Aircraft – Suppliers of Avionics to General Aviation and RC Models

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Chief Aircraft Inc. has be a General Aviation supplier of aircraft parts, pilot supplies, and radio-controlled models worldwide for over 30 years. Chief Avionics was formed in 1994 to install a wide variety of the latest avionics for its customers and is today an FAA-approved Part 145 repair station located at Grants Pass Airport. At…
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