15 Things Only Air Show Fans & Aviation Enthusiasts Would Understand

I this video I describe 15 things that perhaps only air show visitors would understand.  Enjoying an air show takes a bit of planning, but like all best laid plans sometimes circumstances conspire against you.

So see if you can relate to any of these or post a comment below with your examples or alternative ideas.

1. You set off in good time only to be held up on the motorway, so you arrive late, join the queue for the car park, and eventually park about a mile from the main entrance. You walk across the grass, reminiscing about a misspent youth at the Glastonbury Festival, and join the queue at the entrance.

As you get close to the gate you realise you’ve left the spare batteries for your camera in the car.

2. Once inside you can’t decide whether to study all the static aircraft on display or head straight for the crowd line. You start walking around, past the static displays, conscientiously studying the plaques and trying to absorb the information. You do this for three aircraft before abandoning the idea and taking photos of the information plates which you swear you’ll study at home.

You never do.

3. You take photos – hundreds of them. You zoom in to take a close-up of the wheel struts on a warbird imagining the resulting photo is going to look arty and provoke hundreds of likes on Facebook and Instagram.

It doesn’t.

4. You decide the airshow program is overpriced and you don’t want to carry it around all day so you forget the air display timings. Consequently, while you’re queuing for a cup of coffee that costs as much as the program, you miss the aircraft you’ve been looking forward to for the past three months.

5. By noon you’re famished having set off at 6 AM so you choose the food stall with the shortest queue. Eventually it’s your turn to buy a lukewarm sausage in a dry baguette, sprinkled with half cooked chopped onions, served by a woman who coughs into her hand before picking up the baguette. You ask for a bottle of water and hand over a tenner.

As you walk away with a £1 in change you swear you’ll buy the VIP package next year.

6. The following year you do treat yourself to the VIP package and pay three times the price for some equally lukewarm quiche and a bit of smoked salmon.

While you sit eating it, pausing to sip some unimpressive rosé , you realise you’re missing the vibe around the beer bus and the taste of chips.

7. Not wanting to miss anything you enter a marquee and start browsing around the stalls. As you walk past the piles of books, the model aircraft, the pilot gear, and the bored-looking bloke on the stall selling timeshares in Florida, you hear the unmistakable sound of an F-16’s afterburner.

You resist the urge to push past the people in front of you as you head for the exit.

Continued in the video…


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