7 Important Video Marketing Tips For YouTube

Video marketing is surprisingly easy and affordable which is great news for all of us as video is a very popular medium for those seeking information.

YouTube is often a more popular search engine than Google. People prefer to hear narration and watch visuals that read pages of text.

Of course, your website may include a video but ideally that video needs to be created and uploaded to YouTube, and then optimised for searches before it’s embedded in your web page.

So whether you’re a sole trader, small business, or any organisation considering the potential within video marketing for attracting new clients then here are some tips.

Tip #1 – Less is More

Keep your video short. A good rule of thumb is about 4-5 minutes. At a normal narration pace this will be about 500-600 words.

If there’s too much detail viewers will become bored and click on one of the suggested videos in the YouTube sidebar.

Once they’ve clicked on another video you’ve probably lost them so it’s vital to keep their attention.

On the other hand you want it long enough to contain your message and essential details.

Tip #2 – Write a script

Have you ever watched a video and sat through four minutes of hesitation as the presenter struggles to think of what to say?

Write out a script first and check it for errors. Be sure to make every sentence count.

Rehearse it at least once to check that you don’t stumble over pronounciation of certain words.

Check it for a natural flow and rythmn so that it’s easy on the ear.

Tip #3 – Use a good quality microphone

Good sound quality makes a big difference and high quality microphones are inexpensive. Just search for ‘YouTube microphone’ on your chosen online retailer site.

Choose one that includes a pop filter. These are the filters placed in front of microphone that filters out the ‘pe’ or ‘pop’ sound people make when pronouncing words that contain the letters P or B.

Tip #4 – Loosen up before recording

Before you record your video drink some water and loosen up your mouth by reading aloud or exercising your facial muscles.

Try to put some inflection in your voice and smile when recording if it’s appropriate to the content.

Tip #5 – Use other voices

If for any reason you don’t want to record the narration yourself then you can hire someone on sites like Fiverr.com

You can choose accents and gender to suit your message or business.

Tip #6 – Details count

If you’re narrating to a slide show like this video then your personal appearance is irrelevant but if you’re in front of the camera then check what’s visible.

You should pay attention not only to your personal appearance but to what can be seen in the background too.

Tip #7 – Optimise your video

When you upload to YouTube you’ll notice all kinds of options in the editing area. Make good use of these and they all help with your video’s search engine optimisation.

Check out my other video on this subject entitled “YouTube SEO – How to Rank YouTube Videos. How to get more views & increase audience retention”

…and finally.

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