7 Reasons Why General Aviation Businesses Fail To Prosper

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In this video I describe seven reasons why I think General Aviation businesses fail to grow and prosper or just come to a full stop landing and close their hangar doors.

I obtained Private Pilots Licence in 1991 and I now make marketing videos for aviation businesses.

I’m keen to see General Aviation take advantage of the existing and growing demand for pilots in the years ahead, as well as see GA continue to provide a source of recreation and pleasure for many aviators of all ages and abilities.

Many of today’s Captains and First Officers first learned to fly at a local flying school. These schools are the nursery slopes that nurture tomorrow’s commercial air crews. Boeing have predicted that there will be a need for 617,000 new commercial airline pilots over the next 20 years. So if you’re in the business of flight training then this provides you with a great opportunity. Are you ready for it?

Over the past six months I’ve contacted hundreds of flying schools, clubs, and commercial flight training companies in the UK, Europe, and North America.

I’ve visited their websites, given them a call, and sent follow-up emails. I’m left with the impression that many of those that remain hang by a thread.

They operate on narrow margins at the mercy of the weather and the economic climate. As well as the variables that affect many other types of business they also have to contend with threats of airfield closures.  The insatiable demand for housing and the fact that airfields have been wrongly categorised as brownfield sites in the UK means that the airfields themselves are under threat.

However, in far too many cases there is evidence that flying schools undermine themselves by neglecting areas over which they have complete control.

In the following seven sections I make no apologies for stating the obvious.  If you think none of these apply then congratulations, your establishment is probably a well known name in aviation with a first class reputation.

Others, on the other hand, seem to be winging it, if you’ll excuse the pun.  I present these points in the form of constructive criticism and hope that they will inspire change, development, and progress.

So stick with me while I briefly describe each of the seven points. 1. Bad, broken, and boring websites. Some aviation businesses have modern, responsive websites that look appealing and informative on mobile, tablet, and desktop.  They draw the visitor in with imaginative use of images, slideshows, and video.

The information about flying lessons and gift vouchers is easily found and the contact details are within easy reach.

They are optimised for search engines and generate organic traffic as a result.

Others on the other hand have no website at all, or a single page, or something that was thrown online in a hurry.  Even if there is a complete website it is often outdated and sometimes showing code errors or worse, evidence of malware.

There’s really no excuse for this.  It’s so easy to put up professional looking website.  I can only guess that it’s down to time or just not knowing who to ask to get under the bonnet and fix the site’s errors.

Suggestion: Set aside time and resources to review and update your site.  It’s your online brochure.  It’s a source of information for potential customers.   It’s a showcase for satisfied clients and their testimonials.  Audit the website for data integrity, accuracy, and search engine optimisation.

2.  Dormant and wasted social media accounts.

Continued in the video…

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