Advanced Hybrid Aircraft Patroller 3 Airship – ISR, SAR, Patrol & Surveillance

Advanced Hybrid Aircraft:

Advanced Hybrid Aircraft Ltd (AHA) has prepared the design of a novel and affordable hybrid aircraft named Patroller 3, or simply P3.

This aircraft can fly low and slow, or alternatively can dash at higher airspeed and altitude in pursuit of a land or sea target. The purchase and maintenance costs are affordable, whilst the operating costs will be much less than those of current manned aircraft and rotorcraft.

The energy-saving P3 can loiter at low power for as many as three days (70 hours) over a site of interest (bay, border crossing, sea-lane). At cruise power setting, on three engines, the endurance of 30 hours is suitable for quickly scanning a border or coastline.

The P3 is helium filled (similar to an airship) and it derives 75% of its lift from the buoyancy of the helium (aerostatic lift). The remaining 25% of lift is derived from the wing and the airframe lift (aerodynamic lift of hull and stabilisers). Thus the Take-off weight may exceed the aerostatic lift by 33% or more.

Propulsion is provided by, (a) two aero-diesel engines of 130 SHP driving variable pitch, large diameter, low RPM propellers, and, (b) the third engine (Dash engine), a twin rotor Wankel type, of 150 SHP which drives a ducted fan of moderate diameter and higher RPM. For loiter, just one or both of the wing-mounted engines will be operated, at a low power setting. Conversely, for high speed, all three engines will be operated at a high power setting.

The P3 has been designed within the rules of customary airworthiness regulations, such as the U.S. FAA’s “Airship Design Criteria” (P-8110-2), except for the elimination of disposable ballast.

The P3 design configuration has been flight tested using a 40% scale R/C prototype. The main aim was to prove that both Take-off and Landing (and taxiing) may be accomplished on the airfield with NO groundcrew, simply under the control of the Pilot. Old fashioned airships require a groundcrew of 10-15 strong men.

It is anticipated that the Patroller 3 hybrid aircraft may be selected by government or private operators. Roles such as ISR, SAR, patrol and surveillance, scientific operations, etc. may be undertaken with reliability and with comfortable/roomy accommodations for the crew.

Detailed technical and performance information can be found on the project’s website An example deployment scenario is also described and explained.

About AHA Limited.

AHA Ltd. has been involved in the design and development of modern buoyant aircraft for several decades, in four countries. Now we are focusing on the manufacturing of the Patroller 3 hybrid aircraft. With its long endurance capability (3 day/night), this aircraft is ideal for manned missions such as patrol and surveillance of borders and coastlines.

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