Air Traffic Control Jobs – How to Start a Career in ATC

In this video I give a brief introduction to the subject of Air Traffic Control as a career. Air traffic control jobs are available for anyone seeking a first or second career in aviation.

Air Traffic Control Jobs – How to Start a Career as an Air Traffic Controller

The demand has been created by both the natural churn of controllers and the growing aviation industry.

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe and expeditious movement of aircraft in and around airports and other-high traffic areas.

They coordinate take-offs and landings and make sure all the aircraft stay a safe distance apart.

Controllers communicate with pilots during flights to direct them during take-off and landing and to tell them about their route, weather conditions, runway closures, and other important information.

The main purpose of air traffic control is to help the aircraft safely get to its destination.

The job is also important for minimizing delays at the airport.

Air traffic controllers help aircraft arrive and leave as smoothly and quickly as possible while staying safe.

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