Artificial Intelligence And The Astral Plane

Artificial Intelligence and the Astral Plane

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In the wee hours of this morning I found myself thinking through an analogy involving Artificial Intelligence and the Astral Plane.

Some may recall how the 20th Century occultists described the Astral Plane as a spectrum ranging from the Lower Astral to the Higher Astral, and how this description fits with the religious notions Hell, Heaven, and Purgatory (which is somewhere near the middle of the range of frequencies).

The Astral Plane has also been described as the Emotional Plane because it’s the result of millenia of human emotions. Our emotions, of any vibration and colour, continue to feed and maintain it.

Imagine how vast that ocean must be if it’s a collection of all the mental and emotional output dating back thousands of years. All the love and compassion, and all the horror.

The Astral Colours

We retain knowledge of the colours in our speech; he’s in in a black mood, she’s in a brown study, I was green with envy, he’s a yellow-bellyed coward, she’s a scarlet woman, I’ve got the blues, etc.

These emotions range from the cruellest and the vilest thoughts and deeds right up to the most loving and compassionate. Even though most of us as individuals may not commit acts of cruelty we cointinually feed the Astral Plane with our thoughts and emotions on a milder level but the cumulative effect is huge.

There’s no judgement here. It’s simply occult or metaphysical laws at work. When you are triggered into thinking and feeling outrage at something Trump or Biden has said then the vibe of outrage is the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re convinced you’re right. The point is that rage is rage, love is love and so on.

The Emotional Plane

Suppose then that the Astral Plane, this ocean of emotionally charged energy, is like big data in modern IT terms and something similar to AI is drawing on this data to create emotionally charged waves that influence millions through resonance.

By this I mean the idea that our consciousness is permanently connected to the universal network (the web) and we are therefore susceptible to the influences permeating it at any time (Our internet and the world wide web is a crude manifestation of this universal web but the analogies go on and on). So if you’re connected and a resonant wave flows through the web like a ripple, you’re going to feel it and perhaps act on the influence it contains.

Artifical Intelligence And The Astral Plane

This is why ‘rising above’ the daily outrage of social media is important and why meditation, prayer, creativity, and living a healthy, joyous, loving life is not only better for you but really does make the world a better place.

Not easy, I know, but we’re all working on it.

Now imagine the Visitors are fully aware of the Astral Plane and know how to use it for any agenda. This might explain why they were alerted to and alarmed by our use of atomic weapons in the 1940s. They could use it to invoke any emotions in us (something that David Jacobs mentions in “Walking Among Us”). It is said that some of the more negative visitors feed on the fear of humanity, while others are trying to be the catalyst that wakes us up, to raise our collective frequencies out of this mire of fear and hate.

This is why changing the world starts within. Each of us is here because we each need to learn how to control thoughts and emotions and to fine tune both up the scale, to the higher Astral.

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