AVI-8-Hawker Hurricane ‘Bulman’ Aviator Watch un-boxed and reviewed

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AVI-8-Hawker Hurricane ‘Bulman’ Aviator Watch un-boxed and reviewed

Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I’m going to un-box and review the Hawker Hurricane watch, Bulman edition, from AVI-8 watches.

This is a very affordable and stylish timepiece which, at just £165, would be suitable as a gift for any aviator or aviation enthusiast.

The watch arrived in this presentation box and as you can see, it has an authentic look and feel about it, with military style colours and and the unmistakable RAF roundel.

The dial has ‘Hawker Hurricane’ written in the six o’clock position and the look and feel of the face is pleasant and reminiscent of khaki coloured military equipment.

The strap and the overall look of the watch is one of strength. The leather strap is thick and the stitching is large and sturdy.

The AVI-8’s description perfectly describes the watch face, dials, and hands.

“Arabic and baton shaped hour markers frame the watch perfectly with cutaway detailing with a luminous under dial giving clarity and legibility in all lighting conditions. Classically shaped arrow or “Fleiger” style hands are suitably lumed, precisely proportioned and balanced on the watch. The strong bold lines belie a subtlety and layering of the dial which includes a finely distressed layer of dial work marries well with the vintage military inspired aesthetics of the watch.”

This Bulman edition watch commemorates George Bulman who flew for the Royal Flying Corps (which later became the Royal Air Force), serving in No’s 46 &  3 Squadrons RFC.

Bulman was awarded the Military Cross and the Air Force Cross for his bravery and service to the country during World War I.

After the war Bulman continued flying and later became a test pilot for the Hawker Aircraft Company and flew many prototype aircraft, including the Hawker Hurricane.

This watch pays tribute to the engineers, test pilots, and designers of the aircraft that were so crucial to the defense of Great Britain during World War II.

I think anyone receiving this as a gift or buying it for themselves would be very satisfied with the quality, style, and the way in which it pays tributes to the pioneers of aviation, both on the ground and in the air. To buy a Hawker Hurricane watch for yourself or for someone else follow the link below which will take you to the AVI-8 website where you can also view many other aviator watches of similar style and quality.

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