Aviation News #20 – 7 Gatwick Drone Incident Conspiracy Theories

Aviation News #20 – 7 Gatwick Drone Incident Conspiracy Theories

In this special Christmas Eve edition there’s only one story that is on most people’s minds in the world of aviation.

The Gatwick Drone Incident is still unfolding and what actually happened is now anyone’s guess.

I uploaded a video last Saturday, the 22nd December (https://youtu.be/vEhgqvqP4f8), and described the story to date but after developments since it’s hard to be certain what on earth really went on last week.

On Saturday evening, to stoke the fires of conspiracy theories even further, Birmingham airport was closed for two hours due to what was described as a ‘failure of the electronic flight plan system.’

So we start the week with several theories buzzing around like drones gone wrong.

1. It was drones all along and the perpetrators are still at large.
2. It was an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the Government to distract us from the Brexit negotiations/shambles.
3. It was an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the Government to test the impact on aviation of a no-deal Brexit.
4. It was an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the Government to justify new, strict anti-drone legislation.
5. It was a incident of mass hysteria during which about 60 people reported sightings of something that wasn’t there at all.
6. It was mistaken identity and 60 people saw something like a light on a crane or a similar mundane object. 7. It was a UFO from either another country, planet, or dimension.

Which one gets your vote or have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below.

A very Merry Christmas to all my viewers and subscribers and thank you for your support throughout 2018. I look forward to bringing you more about the fascinating world of aviation soon.

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