Aviation News, Space Stories, Drone Dispatches, UFO Rumours #20

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Aviation News, Space Stories, Drone Dispatches, UFO Rumours #20

1. If you’re familiar with Europa, one of the planet Jupiter’s moons, you might know that NASA Galileo spacecraft flew by it several times between 1995 and 2003. Close examination of the images it captured lead NASA Scientists to believe that beneath its frozen surface there may be an ocean.

We know from exploring the seafloor of our own oceans that hydrothermal vents warm the water around them and that this warming can create the right environment to support diverse organisms that would not otherwise exist.

So if there is volcanic activity beneath Europa’s crust then such vents in its oceans could be sustaining life.

A group of NASA researchers are now working on designs for a tunnelbot – a probe that could melt its way through the thick layer of ice on the oceans’ surface to explore the world beneath.

It’s a fascinating idea but we’ll all have to wait many years to see if this project can provide any answers.

Having said that, the years fly by fast, and while attention is focused on Mars we may wake up one day to news that there is life on Europa while Martian scientists are still looking.

2. An Aeromexico Boeing 737-800, coming in to land at Tijuana International Airport in Baja, California last week, was in collision with an object that left a huge dent and a hole in its nose, just to the left of centre.

Many headlines since have said that it struck a drone but this has not yet been confirmed.

When aircraft collide with one or a flock of birds the evidence is usually plain to see but in this case the damage shows no sign of blood, feather, nor any other clues.

The aircraft landed safely without further incident and there were no injuries to passengers or crew.

However, if it was a drone then it once again highlights the dangers created by the few rogue drone pilots who fail to comply with the best practices demonstrated by the vast majority of drone pilots.

3. Ask any aviator what they want for Christmas and you’ll probably get a long list as they reel off dreams of new or vintage aircraft and the hangars in which to shelter them.

But for most of us our budget doesn’t stretch that far so instead why not buy them a book or DVD that they can read or watch during the winter months?

While they’re counting the days until the local grass strip is free of water, ice, or snow they could be learning from those who have written of their aviation experiences.

Follow the link in the description field below this video to some book and DVD suggestions to give you some ideas, for your aviator friend or just for yourself.

4. The flag carrier airline of Ireland, Aer Lingus is recruiting 100 new pilots.

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