Aviation News, Space Stories, Drone Dispatches, UFO Rumours #21

Aviation News, Space Stories, Drone Dispatches, UFO Rumours #21

1.  There is yet to be a satisfactory explanation for the Gatwick drone incident.

Over a week later we still don’t have any explanation as to what really went on at Gatwick the week before last.

I uploaded two videos on the subject. The first, on Saturday 22nd December, was more factual but it was created while information was still emerging.

It was therefore incomplete and inaccurate in parts.

It received approximately an equal number of likes and dislikes with a lot of negative comments from conspiracy theorists including some that were anti-semitic stuff, which were removed.

The second video listed the conspiracy theories and that has more likes than dislikes. So it seems the conspiracies are very popular but there is zero evidence so far to support any of them.

Without any updates from the authorities it could be months before we know what happened, if indeed we ever learn the truth.

2. It will come as no surprise to many who own and fly the Piper J-3 Cub that it has been voted as the top classic aircraft, according to a survey conducted by AOPA, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

It attracted about 36% of the 2,305 votes against the Beech Staggerwing’s 35% putting it in second place. The Beechcraft Bonanza was third in the list.

The Piper Cub dates back to a late 1930s design and its popularity is due in part to its short-field performance, lightweight design, and low-speed performance.

It’s often regarded as a refreshingly gadget-free aircraft that teaches stick and rudder flying in a way that establishes good habits and piloting skills.

It’s also an inexpensive aircraft, putting it in reach of many private pilots. When Cubs come up for sale they don’t hang around for long and are soon sold to eager new owners.

3. It’s well known that fixed wing drones are used in agriculture for gathering data about crops on arable farms but drones can also be of great use on pastoral farms for monitoring livestock.

Putting an eye in the sky can save a farmer or shepherd a lot of time and effort when searching for stray or injured animals.

Drones can also be despatched to check on the condition of fencing, walls, water troughs, and other parts of the farm that may be inaccessible or difficult to reach due to earlier heavy snowfalls.

There’s no substitute for being physically present when things of this nature need attention but at least the farmer who operates a drone can check the situation and prioritise resources accordingly.

The farmer can also use the drone for roof inspections on barns, dairies, and other buildings.

And a drone can be used to collect evidence in the event of suspected trespass.

4. 2019 looks set to be another exciting year in the realm of space exploration.

Continued in the video…


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