Aviation News, Space Stories, Drone Dispatches, UFO Rumours #22

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Aviation News, Space Stories, Drone Dispatches, UFO Rumours #22

1. Gatwick Airport has spent £5m on anti drone countermeasures after last December’s flight cancellations caused by what was thought to be a drone or several drones, according to a story in the The Times last week.

Although we still don’t know what really went on over those few days before Christmas, it seems the UK’s airports are taking the risk of accidental or malicious drone incursions seriously. Heathrow airport has confirmed that it too has installed anti drone equipment.

The report says that Gatwick purchased their equipment in the days following the December incident. No doubt this will be seized upon by the conspiracy theorists who are convinced that the whole thing was a hoax staged for the very purpose of selling such equipment.

With the proliferation of drones and UAV of all types the perceived risks of collisions are increasing. In the coming weeks, aviation minister Liz Sugg will be holding meetings with the heads of the largest airports in the UK to discuss the risks and what can be done to mitigate them.

2. Meanwhile, opportunities for drone pilots and unmanned aviation businesses continue to increase as other businesses, local authorities, and invdividuals recognise the versatility and potential in this technology.

However, pilots and those who have services to offer need somewhere to link up with those in need of their expertise. And those who are in need of everything from aerial photography to roof inspections or software development and data analysis want somewhere to post their requirements.

This is where SUAS Global can help. They have a section of their website that lists tenders, contracts, and other jobs. There’s a direct link to the page in question in the description field below this video (https://goo.gl/J1ZcRd).

For example, there is a current tender advertised for a research project to explore the use of drone and remote sensing technology to help tackle water pollution arising from metal mines in Wales & England.

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3. In airliner news, British Airways have retired its Boeing 767 aircraft. The last two have been flown to their final stop at St Athan in Wales. The 767 first entered service in 1990 and since then it has flown over 425,000 commercial flights.

The 767 used to be seen flying out of Heathrow to destinations such as Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Calgary, and New York.

More recently it was used on legs such as Athens and Larnaca, as well as on domestic hops within the UK.

The BA fleet is now augmented with 30 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, an aircraft that is both quieter and more fuel efficient.

The airline is also soon to take delivery of its first Airbus A350.

For aviation enthusiasts, the final 767 commercial flight took place on aircraft reg G-BZHA.

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