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This video illustrates a small selection of stock clips available to aviation businesses that are considering video marketing.

Video advertising is easy and affordable. For the same price as a print advert in a single issue of an aviation magazine you can buy a video that can be used over and over again.

Video adverts grab attention. If you’re trying to reach out to people to encourage them to choose your business for their flying lessons, advanced flight training, or airline base training then you need to consider video adverts.

Video advertising is versatile. Your video can found on YouTube & Google, it can be embedded into websites and it can be shared repeatedly in social media and appropriate forums.

Video marketing will promote your brand. If you post a video on Facebook it’s twice as likely to get shared as often as an image or text, and of course YouTube has a massive and growing audience, particularly among younger adults.

Cisco say that a massive 80% of all web traffic is now video. Google owns YouTube so it means that a carefully optimised video can sometimes rank higher than a comparable blog post or web site in Google search results.

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