Aviation Weekly #10 – Goodwood Revival 2017, Airways Aviation, Skyfront Tailwind UAV

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1. Private pilots assist with the relief effort in the wake of hurricanes.

2. Warbirds thrill the crowds at the Goodwood Revival.

3. Skyfront Tailwind UAV sets world record for an endurance flight.

4. Airways Aviation announces airline scholarship for aspiring pilots in Germany.

My name is Ben Lovegrove and here is this week’s round-up of aviation news from high altitude to below 400 feet. Each week I bring you selected stories in the worlds of airlines, flight training, aviation history, drones and UAV.

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1. It’s common knowledge that hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose have caused a phenomenal amount of damage. The immediate need of those who have been affected are the basic essentials needed to sustain life and health.

Private pilots have been helping with the relief effort by loading up light aircraft with basic items and delivering them to small, regional airfields. These loads include items like bottled water, nappies, toilet paper, dog food, and boxes of high protein biscuits.

Many of these pilots have been able to mobilise themselves more quickly than the large aid agencies. Although their loads are very small compared to the pallets dropped by a C-130 they have been able to deliver their payloads into small airports sooner.

2. Once again the annual Goodwood Revival put on an inspiring display of vintage aircraft. Although primarily a motor racing event the Revival is also well known and loved by fans for the air displays that punctuate the three days.

Each morning the proceedings started with a ‘dawn patrol’ performed by a solo warbird, a Mustang or a Spitfire. Later in the day all heads turned to the sky above this World War II airfield to watch a display by a Curtiss P40 Warhawk, a Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXB, a Corsair FG-10, and P-51D Mustang ‘Miss Helen’, and P-38 Lightning.

On the ground, the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation exhibits included some immaculate examples of restored vintage aircraft. The oldest aircraft on display was a 1931 De Havilland Gypsy Moth and the newest aeroplane was a 1961 De Havilland Beaver.

Check my channel for some footage of these warbirds taxying and taking off in a video with this title: Goodwood Revival 2017: Spitfire MkIXB, Curtiss P-40C, P-51D Mustang, FG-1D Corsair, P-38 Lightning.

3. Skyfront, a company that specialises in drones for agriculture, and the energy and utility industries, has set a new world record for flight endurance of a multirotor. Their Tailwind quadcopter UAV flew for a total of 4 hours and 34 minutes.

Within a matter of days they expect to be able to extend this to over five hours. UAV that can remain airborne for this amount of time is a significant breakthrough for the commercial drone industry.

It will enable companies to carry out inspections, surveys, and mapping much more efficiently, without the interruptions currently required for battery changes and recharging.

The five hour flight time is about ten times longer than most other drones of this type currently in the market. The Tailwind UAV has a modular payload bay and the flight time reduces to 3.5 hours with a 1 kilo payload but that’s still much longer than the competition.

Visit http://www.skyfront.com to find out more about this pioneering company.

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