Aviation Weekly #15 – Funding to UAV SMEs, Drone Aerial Filming London, Share The Air, Aer Lingus

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Aviation Weekly #15 – Funding to UAV SMEs, Drone Aerial Filming in the City of London, Share The Air, Aer Lingus Recruiting Pilots

1. The Ministry of Defence and the Home Office have awarded funding to several tech SMEs for projects that involve UAVs designed to assess potentially hazardous scenes.

The awards, worth over £1.6m, came as part of the Autonomy in Hazardous Scene Assessment competition, aiming to bring designs into being in a much shorter space of time than is usually possible.

Amongst the winners were:

Snake Eyes, produced by Autonomous Devices Limited in Milton Keynes, which is small enough to be posted through a letter box, relay 3D images, and detect chemical agents.

BMT Defence Services, based in Bath, who have designed a UAV with high-tech gas-sensing technology.

Horiba Mira, based in Nuneaton, which has a robot with its own neural networks which can deploy on decontamination missions.

Loughborough University, with a pocket-sized drone which can search for chemicals.

For more information on the AHSA visit the address on the screen now: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/defence-science-and-technology-laboratory

2. The City of London is likely to see aerial photography and filming drones in the air after complaints from residents and businesses about the noise of TV and film company helicopters, according to a story in the Evening Standard earlier this week.

It is reported that drones will be allowed to fly in the City’s airspace for the first time. City of London Corporation officials have announced the lifting of a ban after considering the Civil Aviation Authority’s latest regulations on UAV flying in congested areas.

TV and film companies can now apply for permits to fly and if approved will be able to fly within 50 metres of crowds and buildings.

See if you can spot the drone footage in TV programs during the coming months.

3. South Coast and South West drone users are being invited to a major free drone safety event at Compton Abbas airfield on Saturday 11th November.

This is the first major event in the Civil Aviation Authority’s new ‘Share the Air’ campaign, and the open day will give drone users and General Aviation enthusiasts a chance to learn from each other while promoting safe flying for all.

Attendees will be given the chance to see for themselves the range of flying opportunities that exist in their local areas, as well as receive top tips on how they can use their drones responsibly, enabling them to expand their love of flying.

Expected attendees include representatives from The Phantom Flight School, Yuneec, UAVision, V-Mach Media, and NATS.

For more information visit dronesafe.uk/compton/

4. Aer Lingus needs new pilots and it has launched its biggest ever recruitment drive to find another 100 pilots to fill vacancies at its Dublin base.

Aer Lingus operates a fleet of Airbus A320/1 and Airbus A330 to more than 100 destinations across the UK, into Europe, and to North America.

New long haul transatlantic routes have recently been added.

The airline has 100 direct entry vacancies now and plans to recruit up to 200 pilots over the next three years, according to Mike Rutter, the Aer Lingus Chief Operating Officer.

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