Aviation Weekly #8 – Jet2 Recruitment, Flytrex Drone Deliveries, Phenom 100 , Atlas Pro Drone

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It’s Friday August 25th and here is Aviation Weekly #8. In this edition:

1. Jet2 begin a recruitment drive by announcing 1,700 vacancies in the UK.

2. Flytrex urban drone deliveries begin a service in Iceland.

3. Affinity Flight Training Services receives the first of five Phenom 100s.

4. The Atlas Pro, an autonomous drone with a 55 minute flight time launches in the US.

Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and here is this week’s round-up of aviation news from high altitude to below 400 feet. Each week I bring you selected stories in the worlds of airlines, flight training, aviation history, drones and other UAV.

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So chocks away then.

1. Budget airline Jet2 have begun a recruitment drive and are looking to fill vacancies for Pilots, Cabin Crew, and Ground Operations staff.

The airline wants to fill 180 pilot, 900 cabin crew and more than 700 ground operations positions.

400 of the positions are based at Manchester airport. A further 200 positions are in Scotland at Glasgow and Edinburgh airports.

Jet2 started operating out of Stansted and Birmingham airports this summer. They successfully filled the vacancies created by this expansion during recruitment fairs earlier in the summer.

Another recruitment roadshow hits the road this month and will be visiting several locations late in August and in September.

The roadshow for the Manchester vacancies at the Radisson Blu hotel at the airport on Thursday the 31st August.

So if you are looking for a new position or you want to start your aviation career then here is an opportunity to take that step.

2. Flytrex, the drone delivery company, has begun trials of an urban delivery service in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

Flytrex, a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, claims this is the first operational drone delivery service. As we reported in a previous Aviation Weekly Amazon and others have filed patents for large scale delivery services. However, this is the first time a drone will start to deliver orders from restaurants and stores to customers in the capital.

The drone will deliver packages weighing up to 3kg and it will fly up to 2 miles to do so. The UAV will fly directly across a bay thus saving the time and the money it would take to deliver the same packages by road.

The project will begin with one drone flying about 20 deliveries per day but it’s expected that more will be added soon.

3. The UK Ministry of Defence have selected Embraer Phenom 100s to provide multi-engine pilot training for the UK Armed Forces. The training is be provided by Affinity Flight Training Services and earlier this month they took delivery of the first of five of these aircraft.

AFTS will train ab initio pilots on the Grob 120TP. Two of these have been delivered and a total of 23 are on order. In this aircraft the students learn to handle spinning, stalling and aerobatic manoeuvres. Pilots selected for air combat roles then move on to the Beechcraft T-6C for advanced training.

Multi-engine pilot training will be conducted in the Phenom 100. This first of the fleet was flown to the UK from the Embraer factory in Brazil via Central and North America, across Greenland and Iceland, and finally reaching the UK through Scotland.

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