Best Aviator Watches For Under 1000 – Gifts For Pilots & Enthusiasts

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Best Aviator Watches For Under 1000 – Gifts For Pilots & Enthusiasts

In this video I introduce you to a range of aviator watches from a company founded by a pilot and professional aviator.

The Bristol Watch Company offers a unique line of limited edition aviator watches. Each model is themed around a particular historically significant aircraft type. And every watch has the unique feature of incorporating actual material from the aircraft it represents.

If you’d rather not listen to me describe them, then you can click the link below this video to see them for yourself.

But stick with me while I explain what’s on offer.

Current models include tributes to the Spitfire, the A-10 Thunderbolt , the Boeing 747, the F-15 Eagle, and the B-25 Mitchell.

They even make one that commemorates the Space Shuttle mission STS-79. This was the 17th flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis. The watches in this particular range contain an artifact that orbited earth 160 times traveling 3.9 million miles.

The range comprises three collections; Historical, Tactical, and Space & Commercial.

The Historical Collection consists of two designs. The Spitfire R6753 which incorporates an actual airframe artifact from a Battle of Britain Spitfire. And the B-25 Mitchell incorporating original airframe material from a WWII B-25 SN# 44-30734.

The Tactical Collection consists of two designs. The designs incorporate original airframe material from an A-10 Thunderbolt and an F-15 Eagle.

And the Space & Commercial Collection also consists of two designs. The Space Shuttle Atlantis design, incorporating the previously mentioned space-flown artifact, and on the 747 watches, the KLM 747 Tail# PH-BUW incorporating original airframe material displayed in the case back.

These watches don’t just tell the time and look good on your wrist. They also tell a story, paying tribute to the remarkable men, women, and machines of aviation history.

The watch cases are crafted from aerospace grade stainless steel. The precise chronograph movements are hand assembled in Switzerland.

Sapphire crystals, excellent quality watch straps, and luxurious packaging come as standard.

They are designed by aviation professionals for aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The company was founded by Greg Youngs, a pilot with over 35 years of experience.

He was taught to fly in high school by his father, a combat-decorated Air Force pilot, and went on to fly professionally in aircraft ranging from crop dusters, to corporate aircraft, and to airliners.

He has piloted more than 50 aircraft types and continues to add to his list.

His immediate family includes pilots for the US Air Force, Navy, Army, and airlines, as well as a NASA Space Shuttle Commander.


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