Best Outdoor Security Cameras on Amazon – Top 7 to help you choose

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Best Outdoor Security Cameras on Amazon – Top 7 to help you choose

In this video I list seven of the best selling outdoor security cameras on Amazon.

Before I get into the list itself here are seven reasons why these gadgets are so useful for home security, businesses, and any other property like equestrian centres or aircraft hangars which may be left unattended for hours or even days at a time in remote areas.

#1 They are a deterrent to burglars, prowlers, and other visitors with criminal intent.

#2 They can collect valuable evidence in the event of any intrusion or damage when no eye witnesses are present.

#3 They can provide an instant view of the property’s exterior even when the owner is thousands of miles away.

#4 They can transmit images and video clips to smartphones, network storage servers, and cloud storage accounts.

#5 The image quality of modern IP cameras is high, whether sent over the wired, wireless, or a cellular network.

#6 They can double as wildlife cameras providing a fascinating view of the nocturnal or daytime non-human visitors.

#7 They’re easy to install and maintain. Anyone with rudimentary DIY skills can install an IP camera, and if that’s beyond you then an electrician can do it for you at very little cost.

In the list that follows I’ve picked only those that match at least the following four standards.

– The image and video quality is HD 1080p or higher.

– The camera casing conforms to at least IP65 standard (which measures resistance to water & dust, and weather extremes).

– They have motion detection capabilities, triggering recording and/or sending images and video only when motion is detected.

– They are night vision capable thus providing 24 hour security.

So now that we’ve summarised the benefits and the basic standards let’s look at what cameras are available and in particular, those that have received the most positive reviews.

At #7 we have the Reolink RLC-410-5MP IP Camera.

This camera achieves 4.1 out of 5 stars from 188 reviews (4.4 from 72 in the UK).

It has PoE capability, which means that it can operate using just the Ethernet cable, transmitting the IP data as well as adequate electric power on the same cable.

Reviewers love this, not least because of the price, $49.99 (£59.99 in the UK).

Reolink have a more recent version, the Reolink B800 4K Ultra HD which has an 8MP camera and which scores highly but has only had a few reviews so far.

At #6 we have this Amiccom camera, which is just $39.99 which has generated 4.1 out of 5 stars from 281 reviews.

It has two way audio which means the camera not only has a mic but you can transmit speech to anyone in earshot of it.

It also has a deterrent alarm which can be triggered remotely to warn off suspicious visitors.

Continued in the video…..

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