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Britain in Lockdown – Day 13

As dawn breaks on day 13 the sky is clear and it looks like it’s going to be another lovely spring day. Yesterday, the sky here in southern England was a rich blue and cloudless for most of the afternoon. Consequently, the parks and the beaches filled with people. The lockdown rules encourage us to take exercise in the fresh air once a day. This is particularly important for those living in flats and high-rise buildings, but people are arguing about whether or not anyone should be allowed to stop and sunbathe.

It’s obviously not acceptable to add the risk by congregating in groups, mixing households – that would risk increasing infection rates, but if you’re out for your daily walk and stop to enjoy ten minutes of sunshine it seems a bit draconian to berate people. What are they going to do, adopt the Indian Police practice of whiping people with bamboo sticks?

On the other hand, another nurse, having completed a long and exhausting shift, has recorded an emotional appeal for people to stay at home. The emotion generated by such videos inflames others into condeming sunbathers even more. It’s a difficult choice given that fresh air, exercise, and sunshine are essential for physical and mental health, and therefore strengthen the immune system. Peole just have to stick to the family groups only rule.

Politics & People

Sir Keith Starmer has become the new leader of the Labour Party. Thank goodness the Jeremy Corbyn days are over. Things are bad but imagine if JC had been in No.10 trying to handle this crisis. They would have been arguing about diversity quotas among medical staff.

Marianne Faithfull is ill with the virus, as has Boris Johnston’s pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds.

The media continue to publish stories (if you can call them that) about the drop in pollution levels. They remind me of that old Tommy Cooper joke;
Tommy: So I said to the doctor, I said, “Doc, it hurts when I do this.” And the doctor said,”Well don’t do that then.”

If human activity stops, pollution drops, so you have three choices:

  1. Remove humans altogether and leave Earth to the rest of the species. There are those who think we should stop having children and go extinct.
  2. Stop all human activiity that causes pollution and go back to living in pre Industrial Revolution conditions. Good luck with feeding 7+ billion people and coping without sophisticated and advanced hospitals.
  3. Develop less polluting ways of doing things. Sounds like a good plan.

If you opt for No.3 then you will have to continue with the current industry and technology (with its pollution) until you’ve developed cleaner and more sustainable technology. That’s what we were doing until the Coronavirus showed up and pressed the pause button.

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