Britain in Lockdown – Day 14

As we come to the end of the second week in lockdown, the Prime Minister has spent the night in hospital as a precaution due to the fact the symptoms have persisted for two weeks. The Queen gave her address to the nation yesterday evening at 8pm and it was well received by the vast majority of people. The Marquess of Bath has died at the age of 87, leaving 75 wifelets to morn.

The roads were noticeably even quieter yesterday after the warning that lockdown rules were instructions not requests, and if they are ignored by too many people then stricter measures would be introduced. Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer has resigned after being caught ignoring her own lockdown advice and visiting her second home. Italy may have have peaked at nearly 16,000 deaths and they’re starting to prepare for the relaxation of lockdown rules.


There persists a sense of unease with regard to the way the statisticss are being compiled and the real risk of the coronavirus. Many are questioning the fact that the death toll includes those who died with Covid-19 as well as those who died of Covid-19. Have we been over cautious? Have we ruined our economy unnecessarily?

When this began it was predicted that the surge in the UK would result in 5,700 deaths by 5th April. Yesterday’s total was 4,934 and assuming today’s tally will be another 6-700 then it will fall a little short of the estimate, but a good projection nonetheless. However, the talk is of the curve continuing to rise, so right figure but not the peak.

Conspiracy Theories

The conspiracy theorists have gone into overdrive over the pandemic. Apparently it’s a cover for the rollout of 5G or the implication of martial law and the removal of all our civil liberties. Soldiers from what is thought to be the Scots Guards arrived on the Isle of Wight, home of David Icke, to help build more wards or create a field hospital. The mere sight of soldiers on the streets is held up as proof that we’re about to be locked down permanently.

Conspiracy theorists would do a better job of convincing others if they could produce a shred of evidence instead of simply posting links to news items with the comment,”Wake up, people!“.

Trending conspiracy theories are:

  1. The Coronavirus is a bioweapon created by China and unleashed on the West for the purpose of ruining our economies and enabling China to become the dominant economic and military power in the world.
  2. The Coronavirus was isn’t real or at least it’s been greatly exaggerated for the purpose of keeping us indoors during lockdown while the 5G network is rolled out. The 5G network will be used to control our thoughts and moods.
  3. The pandemic is being used to implement the removal of civil liberties including the implementation of martial law These rights won’t restored when this is all over and we’ll emerge into a new authoritarian state.


The urge to stay safe and do something positive with your time continues to inspire many and annoy others.

I suspect the people giving us the benefit of their advice don’t live in a small flat in a tower block with two small children. It’s easy to be positive and set yourself the goal of learning how to make bread, learn a language, or start another business when you have money in the bank, and physical, mental, and emotional stability.

Trying to do something positive during lockdown and emerge better from it depends on what was going on in your life when it started. For some it will be a success if they manage to get through it without a nervous breakdown, murder, or suicide.