Britain in Lockdown – Day 17

Boris is better, that’s the good news. The bad news is that over 900 people died yesterday making it the worse day yet, so it seems the predictions may be correct in that we could see 1,000 deaths a day until the peak.

Consquently, there’s no end to lockdown in sight yet. There’s talk of relaxing lockdown when it drops to 50 deaths per day. When it began we were promised a review after three weeks but with that deadline approaching it seems almost certain that it will be extended well into May. My guess when this all started was that we wouldn’t be back to near normal until at least June.

Tesco’s boss has blamed middle class people in southern England for stockpiling, with Londoner’s storing the most goods. The fact that this grocery giant is able to determine the income level and living standards of their customers only goes to show how much data we freely hand over to anyone who asks for it. In case you’re wondering, we bought a little extra than normal in the first week but quickly reverted to a normal weekly shop.

Britain in Lockdown - Day 17
Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

The distress of Covid-19

Those who have been through the Covid-19 illness and survived are pointing out that it takes weeks to fully recover. One fit youngish man who used to cycle thirty miles per day is back at home after a stay in hospital and still gets breathless going upstairs.

Others are telling distressing tales of what they witness in hospital. One man was on a ward witnessing the final days and hours of a man in a bed opposite clearly in great distress, calling out for his wife and children. They were allowed one visit, covered in protective clothing, after which he lingered on for a few days, calling out for them again. The nurses said they could no nothing for him except ease is ending. The witness watched and listened as he faded away, calling for his family until he finally took his last, laboured breath.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is, as yet, no cure. If you fall ill your chances of survival depend on several factors; viral load, age, health, size, underlying medical conditions etc. Patients have to fight and win or fight and die. It’s that simple. All the medical staff can do is lend as much support as possible but they can’t help everyone so they have to make the worst kinds of decisions prioritising patients.

Karma for Haters

When Boris fell ill there were some very nasty comments posted online in celebration of the fact and some wishing him a long and painful end. One restaurant owner from Bristol posted a vile, foul mouthed comment which provoked a huge backlash. So big was the reaction that he recanted but by then it was too late. He admits he was wrong and realises he has probably lost his own business due to his own stupidity.

Many of the people posting such comments have social media bios that include slogans such as ‘be kind‘, ‘choose love over hate‘, ‘fairness and justice for all‘ etc. They are often the ones posting about how they want to create a better world and yet have zero tolerance of Tories or anyone else with whom they disagree.

They set themselves up as the bastions of integrity and moral standards but in a crisis, with the heat under the pot, the scum rises to the surface where it can be collected and discarded.

Be careful what you say and think. We really do create our own reality.