Britain in Lockdown – Day 22

It seems we are in peak week The indications are that we’ll reach the apex in the coming days and the levelling off and descent will begin. Some have already suggested a date for the end of lockdown – May 7th. It’s a good guess, but the danger is that if you start talking about the end of lockdown too early then people jump the gun and start relaxing their guard too soon.

The UK’s death toll now stands at 11,329 but that’s deaths in hospitals only. It doesn’t include those who have died in care homes (and there have been many) or at home, with or without anyone to care for them in their final hours. I suspect that the figures will have to be revised several times in the months ahead before we know the full extent of the devastation.

THe PM’s condition continues to improve and he’s made an appearance to thank the NHS, two nurses in particular, and has taken a stroll outside Chequers with his fiancĂ©e Carrie Symonds. It’s being suggested that the experience has empowered him. Let’s hope so. He can’t be seen to be absent from centre stage for long.

USA’s upward curve

America is climbing its slope now and the numbers are far worse than our own. 23,000 dead so far and half a million infected.

Britain awakes to see #TumpMeltdown trending on Twitter. The latest White House press briefing was a heated event to say the least. It appears that a CBS reporter asked Trump a question and before he could reply she asked another, then another, and another, each time talking over his reply.

This type of questioning is referred to as ‘grilling’ and the reporter scores plenty of points from the anti-Trump brigade for making him falter. It’s not journalism and it’s not reporting. If you don’t allow someone to reply it’s because you don’t want to hear what they have to say.

Twitter isn’t real life” is an oft repeated phrase but it remains a make believe section of cyberspace. Trump remains as popular as ever, as does Boris. Jeremy Corbyn has gone despite all the hashtags that trended in his honour. Labour councillors continue to spout nasty and libellous comments only to find themselves rewarded with suspension or forced to issue a grovelling apology.