Britain in Lockdown – Day 23

Yesterday things seemed a little brighter, as if we’d reached the plateau, or at least got our fingers on the edge of it. We’ve seen how Spain and Italy are beginning to relax some of their restrictions, but today the news is filled with even more gloom than ususal. As previously mentioned, the death toll is hospital deaths only and doesn’t include care homes, or indeed those who die at home, so the figures are probably 10-50% higher (estimates vary greatly) than government figures.

Then there’s the economy. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, lead the press briefing yesterady and said there would be,”rough times ahead”. That’s putting it mildly. We’re getting accustomed to the idea that mothballing most businesses for two months is going to set us back a fair bit but having first said it would be the worse economic crisis since the 1930s we awake to headlines saying it could be unlike anything seen in the UK for 300 years.

Meanwile, across the pond, Trump has frozen funding for the World Health Organisation (WHO) pending a review, accusing them of hiding information, opposing travel bans from China (which he supported), and generally acting like China’s PR agency. When you watch the clip below you can’t help but wonder at what the WHO’s true masters and agenda really are.

Benefits of Lockdown

Aside from people stuck at home learning to cook, bake, or speak foreign languages, one of the unexpected benefits of lockdown has been a vastly reduced number of people cloggging up A&E departments with avoidable injuries and conditions. The ‘worried well’ have had to stay indoors and there are far fewer road traffic injuries and battered street fighters.

Wet Meat Markets

There is also the fact that the spotlight is now on China’s wet meat markets. These horror shows have to end but it’s going to take more than a few petitions on Facebook to persuade the Chinese Communist Party to shut them down. I don’t think they ever will without severe international pressure or a change in attitude among the Chinese people themselves.

Even though some may loathe their political masters they appear to relish the consumption of bush meat and other delicacies created using the living and the dead among everything the flies, crawls, walks, or swims. Like FGM it’s an abomination that is cultural and therefore hard to prevent without persuasion among the people themselves.