Britain in Lockdown – Day 25

The weather has changed drastically and the past three weeks of warm, almost summer-like weather have been replaced by grey clouds and rain, here on the south coast of England. Perhaps it’s just me or it’s the headlines, but the public mood has darkened too.

The announcement by the government yesterday that lockdown will last for at least another three weeks might have something to do with it. We knew this already but to hear it made official just saps the enthusiasm, since it is also highly likely that it won’t be a sudden switch back to the way things were a month ago. It will be a staggered relaxing of the rules, and if it’s not a success we could have lockdown enforced on us again.

Clap For Carers

Yesterday, at 8pm we again stood on our doorsteps and clapped for our carers. This has become a regular Thursday evening event and from the start there were those who preferred to bang saucepan lids and the like. Now you can hear fireworks and foghorns. Who knows what there will be next week.

The police are coming in for some criticism again. Their heavy-handed approach by some officers in some areas was highlighted previously, though many are taking a more common sense approach. Footage shared on social media shows officers assertively moving on a man filming their detention of a woman who has broken one of the rules.

Their attitude to the man who identifies himself as a journalist is all too apparent. Contrast this with the footage of Westminster Bridge during the Clap For Carers moment when crowds, including police officers, stood close together to clap, seemingly suspending all the social distancing rules. The police have issued over 3,000 fines to date to people who have broken the rules.

At a glance: a guide to reasonable excuses to leave the house

New police guidelines issued on lockdown rules, and ‘reasonable’ reasons to leave home


  • Drive to countryside but walk must take longer than time driving
  • Short rest on a park bench during long walk
  • Buy non-essential items or luxuries during weekly shop at supermarket
  • Buy small amounts of staples or necessities like milk, newspaper and pet food
  • Collect surplus basic food items from a friend
  • Buy tools and supplies to repair a fence panel 
  • Travel to work when not reasonably possible to work from home
  • Deliver food packages to vulnerable people
  • Moving to a friend’s address for several days to allow a ‘cooling-off’ after arguments at home
  • Take an animal for treatment 


  • Drive for a prolonged period with only brief exercise
  • Take a short walk to a park bench but then remain seated for a much longer period
  • Choose to work from home in a local park
  •  Knock on doors offering to do cash in-hand work
  •  Visit a vet’s surgery in person to renew a prescription when it could be done over the phone
  • Visit a friend in their address or meeting in public to socialise
  • Buy paint and brushes, simply to redecorate a kitchen