Britain in Lockdown – Day 26

The recounting has begun. It could be 7,500 dead in care homes, so the headlines say this morning. Meanwhile, China has revised its original estimate and increased the total dead by 50% but if you believe that you’ll believe anything. It could be ten times that many and we wouldn’t know.

The lengths that China has gone to in order to shift the blame away from themseles beggars belief, but it’s worked. We call it the Coronavirus or Covid-19. Few refer to it as the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus, yet the irony is that within China itself it’s still called the Wuhan virus. The World Health Organisation has been instrumental in spreading the Chinese propaganda. Obviously none of this is the fault of the Chinese people. It’s the Chinese Communist Party who are pulling the strings.

Meanwhile, in the USA there is strong resistance and protest against the lockdown restrictions that we’ve readily adopted in the UK. There have been armed protests, traffic jams, and mass gatherings on beaches. The rate of infection from human to human has a threshold beyond which a country’s health servce will be overwhelmed. Stick below that threshold and gradually things will improve. Go above it and it can be disastrous. Aside from the US’s response the attention is also turning towards Africa.


Captain Tom Moore’s efforts have raised £21 million and he’ll get a Spitfire flypast on his 100th birthday on April 30th. I hope every penny of the money he’s raised goes to where it’s needed the most but unfortunately the NHS is far from the efficient health care system that it could be. Four years ago I published a blog post on NHS waste, fraud, and inefficiency. Below is a video version of that post.