Britain in Lockdown – Day 28

Lockdown began four weeks ago and although the end is beind discussed there is still nothing certain about when we’ll be out of these constraints, apart from the fact that it will be a staged relaxation of the rules.

Yesterday’s death toll was much lower than in previous days but the Chief Medical Officer and others are regarding this with caution since it’s not yet proof of a plateau or the start of the decline. This is partly due to the fact that the data in unreliable and slow in being collected. Britain’s total has now passed the 16,000 mark while Spain and Italy’s has passed 20,000 and the USA’s is now over 40,000.

The HMRC’s furlough scheme opens today for applications. The British taxpayer is about to pay 80% of the wages for millions of employees but two things seem certain; not everyone will be caught in this safety net, and some firms are cash rich and could continue to pay their employees instead of burdening the tax payer with this responsibility. There is also the fact that despite the furlough scheme there will be redundancies.

The 5G conspiracy theories continue to gain traction with one man pointing to the coincidental spread of the virus against the rollout of 5G. Viruses tend to spread where the infection rate is highest i.e. in dense population centres, and 5G is being rolled out iwhere it is most needed i.e. the cities, where most people live. I don’t think he’s managed to explain why France, which hasn’t started rolling out 5G, has seen 20,000+ deaths, nor Iran (5,000+ deaths), although it is significant that India’s statistics are comparatively low.

The French and the Americans are protesting against their respective lockdowns with varying degrees of anger. The tension and frustrations are building and it’s not being helped by the number of people who ignore the instructions. The idea that ‘we’re all in this together’ isn’t shared by everyone and some are sticking two fingers up at the authorities.

Prince Phillip has thanked all the essential workers on the same day the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced that they’re not longer going to cooperate with the British tabloids.