Britain in Lockdown – Day 3

The number of deaths in Britain from Coronvirus yesterday was lower that in previous days, but of course that’s of no consolation to the bereaved families. There’s been talk of us reaching the peak in 2-3 weeks, which seems a long way off given that this is only day 3. Even having reached its peak there’s still the decline before it’s safe to relax some of the lockdown rules, so we could be holed up for 2-3 months.

On a more positive note, yesterday’s call for 250,00 volunteers to help the NHS has generated over 405,000 applicants. They will be asked to collect and deliver patients and medicines, or simply work from home where they can call anyone in need of a friendly human voice.

Environmental Impact of Lockdown

Most of Britain has awoken to another day of sun and clear blue skies. The environmental benefits of the lack of human activity has been noticed by many, including astronauts in space and individuals enjoying the birdsong and skies devoid of aircraft. About a week ago it was noted that the canals of Venice were running clean again and a dolphin was spotted exploring areas usually out of bounds due to pollution.

There’s no doubt that Mother Nature quickly recovers when humans stop doing what they do with current technology. It’s a reminder of type of world we could have not devoid or aircraft and personal transport but different types of aircraft and personal transport, and we’re already working towards that goal.

A tweet from an account calling itself ‘Extinction Rebellion East Midlands‘ seemed to reveal the true agenda of the XR movement. It’s long been suspected that the XR goal was not so much saving the planet as defeating (or smashing) capitalism. It has been accused of being a quasi-religious death cult.

Extinction Rebellion East Midlands

Other XR were quick to distance themselves from this tweet claiming that it is not only contrary to their philosophy but also that the twitter account that posted it is a fake XR account designed to discredit the XR movement.

Extinction Rebellion "humans are the disease"

However, the 5,000+ replies to the tweet include many who agree with the idea that capitalism is the disease and socialism is the answer. It remains to be seen whether the Extinction Rebellion movement does in fact include some eco-fascists amont its supporters.

Coronavirus Crisis Updates

Prince Charles has tested positive for Covid-19 and is self-isolating. Spain’s death toll continues to rise at an alarming rate and has overtaking China’s. The Chancellor has announced measures to support the self-employed during lockdown. Home testing kits are in production and it is said that we’ll be able to order them within weeks.

So far the novelty of lockdown hasn’t worn off. I can’t help but wonder if a few more days of this and a change in the weather will start to take its toll on the mental health of many. A major reassurance that people cling to is the fact that they can still go out and buy plenty of food. Any disruption to supply would quickly fan the flames of civil unrest.

Some experts have warned that the virus can last for hours on packaging i.e. cardboard and plastic, so that delivery that arrives at your door may include more than you ordered. It’s difficult to know whether to adopt the attitude that we have to be compulsive about cleaning everything, with the inevitable paranoia that would generate, or simply take the obvious precautions without being fastidious.