Britain in Lockdown – Day 30

After the variations in the total number of deaths during the past few days there’s talk of the peak being passed but there’s no sign yet of any confidence in relaxing the lockdown. Far from it, they are now worried about a second wave of infections if they even hint at a relaxation as this will cause people to abandon the restrictions too early and too many at a time.

The Nightingale hospitals that were built so quickly and which gave a sense of the UK being in control are now largely unused. You might think this is a good thing as it’s better to be prepared for the worst and leave them empty if the worst doesn’t happen but it appears that they’ve had to turn patients away because they don’t have enough medical staff.

Regular hospitals that would be full of people with all kinds of conditions needing treatment are often treating far fewer people as those without Covid-19 symptoms (but who need treatment for something else) are staying away for fear of reaching virus overload during their hospital visits. Consequently there is likely to be a much higher death toll in the months ahead as the sick and injured die indirectly from the pandemic on account of them avoiding treatment while the pandemic lasted.

Disproportionately Represented

It seems more men die of Covid-19 than women, and BAME groups are disproportionately represented too. They’re still trying to figure out why on both counts and there are no conclcusive answers yet, but there is another factor that raises the risk of dying from the illness and that’s excess weight and obesity.

“Type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension are the most common comorbidities in patients with coronavirus infections. Emerging evidence demonstrates an important direct metabolic and endocrine mechanistic link to the viral disease process.”

Nature, April 2nd, 2020

So we’d best stick to 2,000-2,500 calories per day of fresh food and get some exercise to up our chances of seeing in 2021, but if lockdown continues for much longer then copious amounts of booze and the chocolate will be needed to maintain any kind of mental health.