Britain in Lockdown – Day 35

Regular readers (Are there any? Hello?) may have noticed that I’ve skipped two days (33 & 34). The previous post was on Day 32 and it was a late update. Lockdown has become normal life so daily updates are sometimes irrelevant or I’m just too busy or distracted to add anything of remote interest.

Today, Boris Johnson is back at No.10 and the country is waiting for some leadership and optimisim from our Prime Minister. Lockdown is showing signs of fraying at the edges as yet more warm weather proves too much of a temptation for holiday makers. Business owners and employees are under greater stress with each passing day. We need to see some light at th end of the tunnel, not talk of vague plans for months of social distancing and semi lockdown for the (un)foreseeable future.

Like the boiled frog scenario we’ve grown so accustomed to the numbers that they no longer make headlines. The five countries with the most deaths (excluding China because only the Chinese Communist Party knows what’s going on there) are, as of yesterday:

  • USA – 55,413
  • Italy – 26,644
  • Spain – 23,190
  • France – 22,856
  • UK – 20,732

Lockdown Lofts

Many will have spent at least some time during lockdown clearing out the clutter in the cupboards, garages, and lofts. There may not be any cash in the attic but there are a lot of unsorted baggage.

It can be emotional and cathartic to sort out, dispose of, and reduce down the photo albums. By throwing away the items that are of no interest or use to anyone we can keep the essentials for the next generation to find when they’re ready to explore that aspect of family life. To this end I’ve been sorting and scanning photographs of a relative’s RAF service. He was posted to Iraq, India, and Germany so there’s a lot to identify and list.

It’s also an age thing. As we grow older we tend to need less stuff and it feels good to sort out and clear the dead wood. The process may smart a bit but the eventual feeling is one of satisfaction.