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Britain in Lockdown – Day 8

Britain has completed its first week in lock down (is it lock down or lockdown?) A week ago the estimate for the peak in the infection rate and date toll was April 5th, then it was April 17th, and now it’s probably later but there’s no certainty.

We’ve grown used to the daily figures but now we’re being told that the actual death toll may be much higher due to a lag in the recording and reporting of the number of deaths, plus the fact that the figures only reflect those who have died in hospital. ‘Experts’ have warned that Britain may be experiencing a similar graph to that of Italy which has recorded deaths in excess of 10,000. As of this morning the UK total is 1,415 but that’s expected to rise sharply tomorrow.

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Police Powers

The police are being criticised, even by their own peers, for over zealous prosecution of their new powers. According a The Daily Telegraph exclusive the Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said officers must preserve “the trust and confidence of the public” and maintain the tradition of “policing by consent” amid complaints about the “overzealous” enforcement of social distancing regulations.

Once again common sense is not so common among some officers, nor members of the public. Why on earth people can’t drive to remote areas, to fields, woods, beauty spots etc to walk is beyond me when a walk that begins outside one’s front door can often result in endless manoeuvers required to maintain the social distancing minimums.

It must be particuarly bad for anyone living in small flats with no garden. It’s an emotional and mental pressure cooker. They should re-open London’s parks and simply break up groups of four or more. As the letter from Italy pointed out yesterday, domestic violence will increase, and already has according to the tabloids.

Britons Abroad

Finally, the Foreign Office is chartering flights to bring home thousands of Britons trapped abroad. They’ve been a bit slow with this task, given the fact that there are hundreds of aircraft parked up and unused around the UK. Lockdown is bad enough if you’re at home but to be stuck in a foreign hotel room with little food, no support, and with some people showing open hostility toward you when you venture out for supplies must be dreadful. Other countries have managed to get their citizens home but Britain has lagged behind on this task.

Piers ‘love him or hate him‘ Morgan has written an article published in The Daily Mail listing twenty celebrities he has branded covidiots for their display of arcissism and insensitivity in social media. He is right of course. If you post a video or image of your luxury house, yacht, or indoor swimming pool bemoaning the fact that ‘this is home for duration of lockdown‘ then you deserve all the scorn you receive.

I know we should think positive thoughts and maintain a healthy outlook in a time of crisis but it’s car crash journalism – you can’t help but glance to see what’s going on. I doubt Sam Smith or Madonna will be queueing at Sainsbury’s any time soon.

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