Britain in Lockdown – Day 9

We’re now in the phase during which the total number of deaths each is likely to rise sharply before it reaches its peak. Yesterday‘s total was the worst yet, 381 in one day, and the true figure may actually be worse because of the way statistics have been collected.

Nurseries and garden centres are losing out badly with millions of plants and trees about to go to waste. Many businesses will close.

Have we overreacted?

People are asking if the lockdown is too draconian and whether the reaction and measures introduced are an overreaction. Even if they are you can imagine the outrcry and criticism of the government if they had done less. Sweden has sdopted a more relaxed approach but maybe they’ll come to regret that decision in the weeks ahead.

Covid-19 is often compared to the ‘flu, with people saying ‘more people die of the ‘flu each year and we don’t do all this’, but in fact the infection rate, the need for hospitalisation, and the fatality percentage of Covid-19 are all far higher

One of the many worries is that if at least some people don’t get back to work soon the economy is going to be so damaged that it will take over a decade to recover. Imagine having to wait ten years just to restore our country to the point it was at in February 2020.

Heroes and Covidiots

The British Army has excelled itself (pun intended) by preparing the Nightingale Hospital in the Excel exhibition centre in Docklands in record time. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the heroes of the Coronavirus crisis are those low paid key workers we all take for granted at any other time.

Meanwhile, celebrities continue to make fools of themeselves by posting updates on social media of how they’re coping with lockdown, confined to their luxurious accommodation. If there’s one thing this crisis has reminded us of it’s the shallow, narcissistic world of celebrities who are only famous for being famous.

USA & India

In the USA, Trump has warned that 100,000 Americans will die in ‘very, very painful few weeks’, but this could rise to 240,000 with over 2,200 dying every day for a fortnight, hospitals looking like war zones, and thousands more dying well into June.

Lockdown is in force in India but it has a massive population including millions of migrant workers. When lockdown was announced or seemed imminent these workers packed into trains and headed home to their villages. It seems social distancing in such crowded cities and transport infrastructure is impossible.