British Male Voiceovers

British Male Voiceovers

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As you can hear I am an Englishman with the native British accent that is recognised around the world as RP (Received Pronunciation). You can hire me to narrate all sorts of things:

  • YouTube videos.
  • Explainer videos.
  • Presentations.
  • Internal training courses.
  • External training courses.
  • Training courses where English is not the first language.

Or how about a video advert for use on YouTube, a promotional video, or an infomercial?

I can record messages for your answering services, intros & outros for your podcasts, or an introduction to your website. I can not only provide the narration for your videos but also create complete infomercials and video adverts containing the imagery and video clips that suit your message. I can compile the script for you or proofread any that you supply before recording.

You’ll be able to watch and listen to a draft copy of the video and to request any changes you may require until you’re completely satisfied with the final copy.

There are no up-front fees and you can cancel the project at any stage.

Contact me now and let’s talk about how I can help you with your project.

  • No job too small.
  • Free script proofreading included.
  • Unlimited retakes.

My goal is to exceed your expectations.

A Little More About Me

I’ve been working in the IT industry for thirty years. I started out as a network technician, then moved on to the role of network engineer. I am now a senior network engineer for a global telecommunications company.

I started recording voiceovers a few years ago by developing a YouTube channel. The YouTube channel now has more than 17,000 subscribers and contains hundreds of videos that showcase many aspects of aviation, video marketing, and other subjects. I have recorded and continue to record internal training courses for my employer and this has led me to offer these freelance voiceover services.

My work experience in the IT industry and in manned and unmanned aviation has given me the skills to provide voiceovers in English for internal or external training courses in these subjects. These are especially useful for audiences in other countries outside the UK and in other places where English is not the first language.

I continually seek to improve the quality of my services by completing additional training and practicing new techniques.

Now that you know a little more about me, tell me about your needs and requirements. Remember, consultation and quotes are free so you’ve nothing to lose by getting in touch and discussing a project.

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