Cabin Crew Pay – What do airlines pay their Flight Attendants?

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Cabin Crew Pay – What do airlines pay their Flight Attendants?

In this video I list the pay averages that Flight Attendants & Cabin Crew can expect in various airlines around the world.

In a previous video ( I listed the salaries by country but it seems some people would prefer the airline specific pay averages.

In this video I’ll list the salaries first, then summarise the role and its responsibilities, and conclude with some tips on getting started and your career prospects.

If you are a current or ex-Flight Attendant please help others by posting a comment with your best tips for starting and succeeding in this career.

The following figures were collected in January 2019.

The average salary for cabin crew in the UK is about £17,000 – £29,000 GBP per year.

The following salaries are for airlines based in the UK and are annual average ranges in Pounds Sterling.

British Airways (BA) £12,000 – £30,000 GBP.

British Midland (BMI) £15,000 – £29,000 GBP.

EasyJet £10,000 – £23,000 GBP. £10,000 – £23,000 GBP.

Norwegian Air Shuttle £12,000 – £15,000 GBP.

Ryanair £10,000 – £24,000 GBP.

Thomas Cook £12,000 – £27,000 GBP.

TUI Group £12,000 – £14,000 GBP.

Virgin Atlantic Airways £9,000 – £16,000 GBP.

The following annual averages are for airlines based in the USA and are in US Dollars.

These figures include bonuses and other compensation.

AirTran Airways $35,000 USD.

Alaska Airlines $56,000 USD.

Allegiant Travel Company $31,000 USD.

American Airlines $39,000 USD.

Continental Airlines $29,000 USD.

Delta Airlines $49,000 USD.

ExpressJet Airlines $31,000 USD.

Frontier Airlines $19,000 USD.

JetBlue Airways $38,000 USD.

Mesa Airlines $21,000 USD.

Piedmont Airlines $23,000 USD.

PSA Airlines $18,000 USD.

Republic Airways $26,000 USD.

SkyWest Airlines $21,000 USD.

Southwest Airlines $51,000 USD.

Spirit Airlines $45,000 USD.

Trans States Airlines $20,000 USD.

United Airlines $44,000 USD.

US Airways $34,000 USD.

World Airways $49,000 USD.

In Canada a flight attendant can expect to earn between C$23,000 and C$60,000 before bonuses and other compensation.

For example, the average for Air Canada has been quoted at $54,000 CAD.

Middle East and other airlines.

These are annual salary averages in UAE dirhams.

Air Arabia 120,000dhs dirhams.

flydubai 144,000dhs dirhams.

Emirates 78,000 – 180,000dhs dirhams.

Singapore Airlines 120,000dhs dirhams.

Responsibilities of a Flight Attendant.

Flight Attendants are required on any commercial flight that has more than 19 passengers aboard.

One Flight Attendant is required for every 50 passengers.

On large aircraft there is usually a hierarchy of cabin crew which might include; a Purser, and a Chief Purser sometimes also called In-flight Service Manager, Flight Service Manager, Customer Service Manager,  or Cabin Service Director.

Continued in the video…


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