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Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training- CPL, ATPL Ground School, Professional Pilot Training

As someone who aspires to be a professional pilot you’ve decided that now is the time to complete your flight training and obtain that licence or additional certification.

It’s a wise decision but the next one you have to make is choosing the right training provider.

For your ground school subjects you need a trusted and approved school that provides easy access to coursework so that you can study in your own time while still in employment.

So whether you’ve set course for fixed wing or rotary versions of an Instrument Rating, CPL, or ATPL then you should be talking to Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training.

From their base in Littlehampton, West Sussex, Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training provide modular distance learning courses for EASA pilot licences.

They also have a satellite base at Helicentre in Lelystad, near Amsterdam and they can also provide private tuition at Prestwick in Scotland.

With online progress tests you can use your time efficiently. Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training will be there to help you every step of the way, providing both online and classroom tuition as required.

You may even be able to attend up to half of the required minimum 10% classroom studies by videoconferencing.

Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training has a competitive pricing structure for all the training modules and materials.

To suit pilots of varying experience and with different budgets there are a range of packages and supplements available, all listed on their website at

Practice answering and check your progress in specific subject areas using dozens of tests available on their website.

Get into exam mode and test your speed using their online mock exams.

Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training work in partnership with a several flight training organisations that provide both fixed and rotary wing training from ab initio to professional levels.

Candidates who have questions about any aspect of the course work or classroom studies can quickly obtain answers by phone, Skype, or email.

Consider these testimonials (many more can be found on their website).

“Many thanks to you, it’s down to your material and course I was able to get through in 3 sittings and thankfully pass them without any re-sits. Look forward to the next step now.” ~ Ollie N

“I have now completed my training towards the CPL and wanted to say quick thanks to you and your team. Daunting as the exams are – I was happy not having to flick through hundreds of unnecessary pages as compared to some other theory providers! ” ~ Marc

“Thank you so much not only for clearly getting me through the exams but also for taking me on at such short notice and tailoring a course to my individual requirements. I’m really happy with the results of these last five exams.” “Over 90% in Gen Nav and Radio Nav, the two subjects which I was worried about due to their complexity and quantity of numbers respectively.”

~ Matt S
“Just to let you know that I recently passed my OASC at RAF Cranwell to join the Fleet Air Arm. I can genuinely say that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without having done your course. Cheers mate!” ~ Jem

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