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Can Private Jets Fly Internationally? Yes, of course they can

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A surprising number of people search online for an answer to the question, “Can private jets fly internationally?” but it is not surprise that the majority of these searches are in the USA. So for the benefit of our American friends, here are a few questions and answers about private jets.

Luxury Travel

What could be more luxurious than being able to fly wherever you want, without having to deal with the hassle of commercial airports? This kind of time-saving travel is what attracts those with the financial means to the world of private jets.

Private jets can fly internationally, but what many people don’t realize is that private jets are subject to the same international flight regulations as commercial airlines. 

This means that before a private jet can take off for an international destination, the pilot and anyone else on board must be in possession of a valid passport and any other documentation required for the destination country.

In addition, the jet must be equipped with the required safety and navigation equipment as listed in the aviation authority’s regulations.  This equipment will vary according to the aircraft type and the conditions under which it will be flying.

Do Private Jets Use The Same Airports As Commercial Airliners?

Private jets can use the same airports as commercial airliners, but most often they  are usually based at smaller, regional airports that have less traffic and more privacy.   The operating costs and landing fees at these smaller airfields are often much lower than those at commercial airfields.

This means that private jet passengers may have to travel a little further to get to their airport than those flying on a commercial airliner, but can also work out that the transfer times are less, depending on their ultimate destination.

However, with the increasing number of private  jets being purchased and operated, some of the world’s busiest airports are starting to offer special services and facilities for private jet passengers.

Are Private Jets More Expensive To Hire Than Commercial Airliners?

The cost of hiring a private jet will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of aircraft, the duration of the flight, the distance to be travelled and the number of passengers.

However, in general, a seat on a private jet is more expensive that the comparable distance flown in a first class seat aboard a commercial airliner. This is because private jets offer a greater degree of flexibility and convenience than a commercial flight, and they are usually only used by a small number of people.

Can You Fly A Private Jet On A PPL?

A private jet can be flown on a PPL, but the pilot must first meet the requirements of the aviation authority in terms of experience and training.

In principle, all a private pilot needs to do is to carry out additional training in order to convert to the aircraft type.  However, in order to convert to a jet of any kind, the pilot should already be an experienced flyer with many hours in their log book.

Although it is theoretically possible, it is highly unlikely that a low-hours private pilot who learned to fly in a Cessna 172 would convert to a Cessna Citation jet without first becoming an accomplished pilot with plenty of experience.

It would also be highly advisable for them to obtain a Night Rating (NR) and an Instrument Rating (IR) so that they would be legally qualified to fly the jet in both scenarios.  The pilot should hold a full PPL, not an LAPL or Sport Pilot Certificate. 

N137Jt Hondajet
The HondaJet can carry up to six passengers
Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash

Can Private Jets Fly Across The Atlantic Ocean?

Yes, private jets can fly across the Atlantic and they frequently do.  However, the types of jet that make the crossing are those in the mid to upper size range as only these jets have the range and endurance for such a crossing.

Some private jets that cross the Atlantic ocean do so by flying over as much land as possible.  They may fly over Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, and into Scotland before completing the journey into Europe. 

This route is used by any aircraft that does not have the range of larger aircraft and which therefore needs to make fuel stops along the way.

Can Private Jets Fly Anywhere?

While the vast majority of private jets fly into and out of airports and airfields with concrete or tarmac runways, some do fly into grass and dirt airfields too.

If the pilot’s skills and experiences are up to the task and if there is sufficient runway length then there’s no reason why a private jet should not use an unpaved runway.

However, there are more risks associated with using unpaved runways so these flights are generally confined to military operation rather than private flying.

What Are The Advantages Of Private Jet Travel?

There are a number of advantages to private jet travel, the most obvious being that passengers have more flexibility and convenience than they do on a commercial flight.

Private jets can fly into smaller regional airports that often have less traffic and offer more privacy than larger airports, and the operating costs and landing fees at these airfields are usually much lower than those of commercial airports.

Private jet passengers also have the advantage of being able to travel on their own schedule, and they can often avoid the long queues and security procedures that are commonplace at larger airports.

In addition, private jets offer a higher level of comfort than commercial flights, with wider seats, more legroom, and a higher standard of service. 

Private jet passengers are not subject to the same luggage limits enforced on commercial flights.  They can also carry their pets on board in the aircraft cabin.

Private jets also offer a greater degree of privacy than commercial flights, as passengers are not seated in close proximity to strangers.

Private planes enable those with the means to take a private flight the ability to avoid the long lines at major airports, and to enjoy domestic and international travel in a private cabin space.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Private Jet Travel?

The main disadvantage of private jet travel is the cost, as hiring a private jet or simply buying an empty leg seat can be much more expensive than flying on a commercial airliner.

Another disadvantage is that private jets are not as readily available as commercial flights, and it can often be difficult to find a jet that is suitable for your needs.

Can I Hire A Private Jet For The Day?

Yes, private jet charters are available for a variety of time periods, including hourly, half-day and full-day rentals. You can also hire a private jet for a longer period of time if you need to fly across the country or internationally.

The cost of hiring a private jet varies depending on the type of aircraft, the length of the rental, and the destination. For example, hiring a small jet for a short domestic flight may cost around $2,000, while hiring a larger jet for an international flight may cost $10,000 or more.

How Do I Hire A Private Jet?

If you’re interested in hiring a private jet, the first step is to contact a jet charter company or broker. You will need to provide them with some basic information about your flight, including the departure and arrival airports, the dates and times of travel, and the number of passengers.

You should also let them know if you have any specific requirements, such as wanting a pet-friendly aircraft or wanting to fly into a particular airport.

Once you have provided this information, the jet charter company will be able to provide you with a quote for the cost of the flight.  If you’re happy with the price, you can then book the flight and pay the necessary fees.

It’s important to note that you will usually need to pay a deposit when you book the flight, and the remaining balance is due before the date of travel.

For an international trip abroad you will still be responsible for providing up to date passports and visas for each per person flying, and a pet passport too, if you intend to bring any four-legged friends.

Are Private Jets Safe?

The safety of private jets is comparable to that of commercial flights, as all aircraft must adhere to the same safety regulations.

In addition, private jet pilots are often required to have more experience than commercial pilots, and they undergo regular training to ensure that they are up to date with the latest safety procedures.

If you’re concerned about the safety of private jet travel, it’s worth noting that there have been very few accidents involving private jets in recent years.

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