Canadair CL-415 SuperScooper, Bombardier 415: The CL415 is an amphibious water bomber aircraft

Canadair CL-415 SuperScooper, Bombardier 415: amphibious water bomber aircraft

This aircraft is a life-saver. It may not be the prettiest of aeroplanes but it more than makes up for this fact by the way it flies.

Imagine being the pilot who has to skim the tree tops, drop onto the nearest lake, scoop up a belly full of water, and then dump it accurately on a forest fire.

Bush fires are a frequent occurrence in the dry spells in Europe, North America and elsewhere around the world. The Bombardier CL415 (or Canadair CL-415) is used to great effect. This amphibious aircraft is respected by its pilots and admired by those on the ground as it flies by.

Water bombers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are converted from their previous roles and are able to enjoy a new lease of life as a fire bomber.

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