Paratrikes, Paragliding, Parascending, Paramotoring, And Hang Gliding

Paratrikes, Paragliding, Parascending, Paramotoring, and Hang Gliding

In this post we will be comparing the exciting and exhilarating air sports of paratrikes, paragliding, parascending, paramotoring, and hang gliding. The terms are often confused and used interchangeably, and hang gliders in particular are sometimes referred to as microlights, so let’s examine each in turn.  Paragliding Paragliding is a form of recreational aviation in…

Where To Find A Microlight For Sale In The Uk: Manufacturers, Clubs, Individuals

Where To Find A Microlight For Sale In The UK: Manufacturers, Clubs, Individuals

If you’ve decided to buy one then finding a microlight for sale in the UK is not difficult, but before you part with your cash you need to be diligent in your research.  Don’t let your eagerness to get airborne override your other senses.  Buyer beware is never more good advice than when it comes…

Try Microlight Aircraft This Year.  Why People Love Microlight Flying

Try Microlight Aircraft This Year. Why People Love Microlight Flying

Microlight aircraft, also known as ultralight aircraft or light sport aircraft, are a type of small, lightweight aircraft that are designed for recreational flying. In the UK, they are defined as aircraft that weigh less than 450 kg (992 lbs)* and have a maximum seating capacity of two people. Microlight flying in the UK is…

Gyrocopter Training Cost Uk – Where To Fly And Train For A Ppl(G)

Gyrocopter Training Cost UK – Where to fly and train for a PPL(G)

In this post I explain why you should go for a flight in a gyrocopter, where you’ll find some gyrocopter training in the UK, and what it costs to complete a course that leads to a licence. My Gyrocopter Flying Experience in a Magni Gyro So far I’ve only had two flights in a gyrocopter….

Gyrocopter Training Near Me (Usa)

Gyrocopter Training Near Me (USA)

If you’ve ever typed the search phrase ‘gyrocopter training near me‘ into a search engine then congratulations for being someone with a sense of adventure. Once you’ve found somewhere that offers flights in these aircrafts your life will probably change for the better in all kinds of ways. Learning to fly a gyroplane can be…

Light Sport Aircraft For Sale

Light Sport Aircraft For Sale

There’s a healthy stock of light sport aircraft for sale in various countries now that this particular section of the General Aviation market has become firmly established. In just a few years, light sport aircraft have become an integral part of the aviation world. From nowhere in 2005 interest has steadily grown.  Many aircraft manufacturers have…

Ultralight Aircraft: A Guide To These Lightweight Recreational Airplanes

Ultralight Aircraft: A Guide to these Lightweight Recreational Airplanes

Today, ultralight aircraft can be found at many recreational airfields. They provide affordable flying options for those who can’t stretch to traditional SEP GA aircraft. During the late ’70s and early ’80s a new breed of aviation and transportation was born. People were getting used to flight, both commercial and personal, and wanted something cheaper….