Flying In A Spitfire At Duxford: An Experience Of A Lifetime
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Flying in a Spitfire at Duxford: An Experience of a Lifetime

For anyone who is a fan of flight and of warbirds in particular, flying in a Spitfire at Duxford is an opportunity not to be missed. At the Imperial War Museum Duxford you can enjoy flight experiences with some of the most iconic planes from World War II. You can fly wing to wing with…

Planespotters Kit: 9 Essential Pieces Of Plane Spotting Equipment

Planespotters Kit: 9 Essential Pieces of Plane Spotting Equipment

There are people who travel the world visiting airports and airfields just to watch airplanes take off and land. They’re called planespotters, and if you’re fascinated by aviation, this could be the perfect hobby for you too. This article will cover the basics of what plane spotting is and why it’s important to aviation. It…

A Day At An Airshow

A day at an airshow

A day at an airshow is a high-octane assault on all the senses. Once experienced, it’s never forgotten. No wonder so many people catch the airshow bug and become addicts. First, there’s the smell. The unmistakable scent of jet fuel hangs in the air, mingling with, if you’re lucky and the weather is kind, the…

Sywell Classic Pistons And Props

Sywell Classic Pistons And Props

Sywell Classic Pistons and Props is an event to celebrate classic vehicles including cars and aircraft. Held at Northamptonshire’s Sywell Aerodrome on the 28th and 29th of September 2013. Doors are open at 10am on both the Saturday and Sunday, staying open until 6.30pm on Saturday and 5.30pm on Sunday. What’s on – Saturday 10:00am…

Fly-Ins And Rallies

Fly-ins and Rallies

Fly-ins and rallies are great ways to get flight time, talk to other pilots, buy pilot gear and see other airplanes. There are fly-ins for all sorts of aircraft and events. Some fly-ins surround air shows while others feature homebuilt aircraft, helicopters and experimental planes. Some fly-ins are specifically geared towards veterans. Others are geared…