Soaring High: An Introduction To The Thrilling Sport Of Parascending And Parasailing

Soaring High: An Introduction to the Thrilling Sport of Parascending and Parasailing

Parascending, also often referred to as parasailing, is an aerial sport that has been enjoyed for many years by both frequent parascenders as well holidaymakers looking for a thrilling change to lying on a beach.  It involves an ascent into the sky while being connected to a parasail (parachute) and being pulled along by a…

Paratrikes, Paragliding, Parascending, Paramotoring, And Hang Gliding

Paratrikes, Paragliding, Parascending, Paramotoring, and Hang Gliding

In this post we will be comparing the exciting and exhilarating air sports of paratrikes, paragliding, parascending, paramotoring, and hang gliding. The terms are often confused and used interchangeably, and hang gliders in particular are sometimes referred to as microlights, so let’s examine each in turn.  Paragliding Paragliding is a form of recreational aviation in…